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As I reflect on the title word, I recall the piano and vocal of the song. The first word and tone. I have been familiar with the term cancer, all my life. Growing into this world it is a word of caution, generally misunderstood and now what, it's my turn. So many variable questions, a sudden dire need to seek information, answers and rediscovering the promise of hope.

This is my page to explain feelings, emotions, care and so much more. Yet I find myself deeply concerned for the countless thousands of others lives who are impacted with cancer in their world. Individually we are unique to one another. Cancer has no preference in who it infects. Wealth, prestige, social status, has no value in the impact.

Dreams and plans interrupted, the future of our tomorrows become questionable in an instant.

This forum concept is new to me. Where do I begin, how and why. Regardless of our spiritual connection to life. I can not help myself from realizing the very Spirit of life  is on a precipice.

I do not feel comfortable discussing symptoms. As I am certain the subject is documented for beyond my desire to explore the pages.

I have the same questions as many of us.  I'm going to simplify my immediate insight. Then spend the day contemplating in-between appts. to treatment.

Todays thought? The moment of inspiration. 3:30 A.M. as I began typing these pages. First order of today, fresh ground breakfast blend coffee, whole wheat toast smoothened in fresh country sausage gravy. Why is this important to me? My choice, my desire, I get to. My appetite is good thus far. And it is a simple, yet moment for me.

I hale out of the PNW where the continental divide pours her rivers into the vast Pacific. And given the ongoing forest fires. This is a place of deep rich green forests with cold running streams and rivers teaming with trout and salmon.  

I ask myself, how many more streamside campfires, will I enjoy. I do have a measure of hope. And I have my faithful companion "Wooki" my labor doodle.

These are the immediate simple pleasures in life I consider precious to the moment on hand to help me part the waves of uncertainty going forward today.

Inspiration seems to encourage my outlook on hope. And sharing these thoughts towards another caring soul.



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Good Very Early Morning and Welcome to the Forum. 

We understand where you are coming from and soon you will meet others from your neck of the woods.  Share whatever you’re comfortable with at anytime.  We’re here for you, let us know how we can support you. 


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Hi Dejay,

Welcome to the club nobody wants to join.  We're here to support you and can do so if you tell us more about yourself and your LC situation.  There are many people here who have all had different journeys so there is little that cumulatively we can't respond to.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have, share any of your feelings and how we can be of service to you.  You can also feel free to browse the forums as they are rich with experiences and could help you in understanding more about how we do what we do here.  

I look forward to hearing more from you.


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Hi Dejay and welcome. The Forum concept is new to a lot of us. I'm from Portland, In your neck of the woods, as Michelle says. I found this place after not being able to find a live lung cancer support group locally.

Share what you feel comfortable sharing and ask us whatever you want. Vent if you need to. Were here to support you.

Bridget O

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Sounds like you had a good start to your morning. Having lived in the PNW for 6 years, I know about the verdant forest, streams, trout and salmon. My philosophy changed dramatically after surviving lung cancer. I focus on today and try to find a little joyous moment or event each day. When I find it, I rejoice in the splendor of life. Welcome here!

Stay the course.


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