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My daughter in her early 30's has been diagnosed with adenocarenoma (non-small lung cancer). She has never smoked, there is no prior cancer diagnosis in the family, and we don't know the origin. She has had 1 surgery, chemotherapy and it has returned approximately 18 months later.  Does anyone have information on this type of cancer?


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Hi, Larsie,

Sorry about your daughter's recurrence. Unfortunately, it's common with all types of lung cancer. My cancer returned (or a new one developed) 3 years after surgery for early stage cancer.

Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of lung cancer, but even within that category, there are different causes/treatments. Has your daughter had genetic sequencing done to check for any mutations in her tumor cells? These are not mutations that get passed from one generation to another, but ones that develop in the person's cancer cells, which can drive the cancer. Often younger people without other risk factors have mutations. The good news is that mutations may make the person eligible for targeted therapy. 

Regardless of whether there are mutations, there are often many other courses of treatment. You will probably never know the cause of her lung cancer--as long as one has lungs, one can develop this disease.

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Hi  Larsie and welcome. Here's some information on adenocarcinoma. https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/lung-cancer-101/types-of-lung-cancer/lung-adenocarcinoma  . The site also has infomation about treatment and other lung cancer issues. Best wishes to your daughter.

Bridget O

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Welcome. As a suggestion I would post tis in the intro section or member updates. Think you will get more eyes.

There are countless 2nd and third line and even more for NSCLC. Keep the faith



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Larsie, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB adenocarcinoma in October 2019 at age 66. When I had a bronchoscopy, the tissue that was biopsied was also sent out for biomarker testing to see if there was a targetable mutation in the cancer cells (which LexieCat mentioned). I was EGFR positive, have been on a targeted therapy drug since March 2020 and am doing very well. 

Your daughter should ask her pulmonologist and oncologist whether biomarker testing was done and if she has a targetable mutation. Best of luck. 

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