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What do you know about Neuronton?


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Neurontin is a pain medication for long term use, needs to be taken regularly, also/originally used for seizures.

NIH put me on it for my shoulder when I started getting nerve compression and severe pain that broke through the morphine.

They wanted me to take 900 mg twice a day, but I could only handle 300 mg am and 600 mg pm. This stuff had me walking into walls. Needs to be taken religiously regularly, otherwise you have to build up the blood levels and pain relief from scratch.

Serious medication, best talk to a neurologist who is CURRENT on it.

A separate class of pain relief from Vioxx/celebrex and morphine/oxycontin/darvocette. I take neurontin, vioxx and extended relief morphine on a daily basis to cope with my pain.

Hang in there, Judy. There's no reason to live with pain today.

If you haven't already tried Vioxx or/and Celebrex, check them out first, they're NSAIDs. If one doesn't work, try the other, Vioxx didn't work for my ex but Celebrex did.

I only had to start on the neurontin after the prosthetic chest wall started slipping and the scoliosis got worse.

Any more questions, pm me and I'd be glad to talk more...



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Hello JudyB,

My wife took neurontin for post herpetic neurology. When people have the Shingles, they are sometimes left with extreme pain in the nerve that was infected. It seems to be a phantom pain like that in an amputated limb. Neurontin, an anti-epilepsy drug, is said to works on the pain receptors in the brain. It is standard treatment for Shingles, although you will not find that use in the PDR. My sister-in-law takes Neurontin for back pain. My wife continued to take one Neurontin a night as a sleeping pill. A pill for all sorts of things.

Hope you find something that works for you.


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I too am having trouble finding something that works. I have painful neuropathy--burning pain with numbness--over most of my body. I am wondering if I should ask for this medication--though I looked it up and it is used for Multiple Sceloris numbness--. What kind of pain are you experiencing? I sure would like to know from others who might have painful parethesia what works, because I am miserable most days, now.


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If it's the same thing my Mom took it's spelled Neurotin(it is also known as Gabapentin). My Mom also started taking it for the shingles on the face and head. Her onocolgist let her keep taking it even after the shingles were healed. She couldn't handle the full dosage so he let her cut down until she was comfortable with it.

Hope this helps with your search and that you find the pain medicine that you need.


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Hi JudyB,

I have been taking Neurontin for just about 2 months now with not noticeable side effect. Doc prescribed it for me to help alleviate numbness o left side of face (7th nerve). She has me taking 2,700-mg. Per day (3 capsules / 3 times per day. Seems to help a little with the numbness, loosens up my face a bit and reduces the tingling sensation I used to have.

But was surprised after reading MaryAnna’s reply that it was a “serious medication” or used for pain control. My doc explained that the Neurontin was for controlling the nerves and could improve the function of the 7th nerve. She explained that it was developed for control of seizures but also helped straighten out nerve functions.

For pain am taking a combination of Fentanyl patch along with persocet or morphine tablets as needed.

Am not driving anymore but seem to be able to get about the house with out bumping into things.

God Bless,


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I've been taking Neurontin for more than a year. My neurologist is prescribing it for peripheral neuropathy in both my hands and feet. The dosage varies but is usually given at 100mg up to 2400mg and more. I presently take (3) 800mg tablets per day with little to no side effects. It's been a real 'mercy drug' for the persistent nerve pain in my feet. It takes a while to get in your system.....but it's worth whatever it takes to end the pain for me. Good luck with it

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Thanks everyone!

I have a lot of neuropathy—hands, fee,t arms, legs, face. Plenty bearable. What I also have tho, is a that tumor in my spine that we think is being killed off slowly as the result of the cyberknife. Is the pain from inflammation? Is it something else? Don't really know. Getting an MRI a week from today and meeting w/rad-onc the following Monday (Mar 8).

Neurontin sounds kinda scary. I'll discuss w/onc when I see him.

I'm also on the Fentanyl patch (25 and wearing 2 at a time. Dr may up dosage.

I'll keep posting w/the guessings!


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Just wanted to clear up --

I said Neurotontin is serious medicine for NERVE pain, as opposed to percocet or darvocet, which are good 4-6 hours and taken as needed.

I has to find the proper balance in dosage, I am good at 900 mg a day, I can't take 1800 per day.

I take morphine for the pain, Vioxx for the pain due to inflammation, and neurontin for the pain from the c6? nerve pain.

I mention serious, because my dad who is suffering froma pinched nerve in hs back started to take it (100 mg 3x day) at my recommendation, and thefirst dose had him seeing things almost. I think he thought it was INSTEAD of the darvocet. I told him again it was long term medicine for serious pain. I think he understands now. I originally had it prescrived for compression of the shoulder trunk nerve, and it does work.

so I still believe it's serious medication. IT does work.

JudyB, good luck. Back/nerve pain sucks.



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