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I have had a steady supply of oxy since I broke my ankle. The script was for pain from a hematoma but it has just experied. Now my e tire body hurts. All my joints etc. Is this just withdrawal or have anybody else experienced this.

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Gosh, Tom, I dunno. I would think only the injured part should be hurting as a result of discontinuing the med. I always get off Oxy as soon as humanly possible because it makes me sick to my stomach, as well as constipated, so I don't know much about how withdrawal feels.

I'd let your doctor know. I take it you don't have a history of arthritis? Still, if you've had an injury like hurting your ankle, I suppose it's possible you're walking/sitting/moving in a way you're not accustomed to, which might result in pain you weren't aware of while taking the meds.

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I’ve got a clue here- call your doc and report this.  Shortly after my diagnosis I was on some pretty heavy opiates to “help” control that cough.  When I took my first targeted therapy pill, my cough instantly disappeared.  So I called the clinic & can I stop taking all this crap?  Short answer was NOPE.   I had a six week taper.   I think you’ve got a minor case of withdrawal.   
Your team can either do a taper with a renewed script or give you another medication to make you more comfortable.  It boils down to our DNA in how opiates are processed.   Some people aren’t very affected while others like me are.   

No need to suffer through this at all.   Those aches can be extremely unpleasant & there are good drugs to manage the discontinuation of opiates.   

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I was on Oxy over a year ago while doing radiation because my tailbone hurt so bad while laying on that hard table. Stupid me quit cold turkey on a Friday and I had one more treatment on Monday. I came close to going to the ER over the weekend I felt so bad. I had no idea I was in withdrawal until I talked to the radiation nurse and told her I couldn't do the last treatment because it made me sick. I told her I quit taking the Oxy and she said I was going through withdrawal. I had no idea you had to wean yourself off the drug. Lesson learned!

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Thanks girls. Got my last refill. So I will talk to my doc next week..I will wean off it. I dont think it is withdrawal, it's a minimum dosage.

I'll let you know the results of the experiment. I do like not being in pain but it's not that bad. My real fear is that it's from steroids. For my Cluster headaches I have done a ton of Prednisone tapers (powerful amounts). I know steroids are bad on the joints.



PS. The experiment will be to taper off it. Wanted to be clear!

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