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Covid vaccine and surgical scars


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From my VATS lobectomy 4+ years ago, I have a surgical scar below and a little behind my armpit. It's never given me any trouble until recently. For the past several days it's been irritated and looks a little inflamed (but not as though it's infected.). I thought maybe my bra had become tight due to my pandemic weight gain, but it didn't really seem that tight. 

Today I went on line to schecule a routine mammogram, which I had postponed due to the pandemic. The scheduling site advised to schedule either before, or 4 to 6 weeks after, getting covid vaccine because some vaccs, including this one can cause underarm lymph nodes to swell and cause false positives on mammograms. I had my second Covid shot just over a week ago and I wonder if this is what's causing my irritated and inflamed scars.

Has anybody else experienced this?

An aside, my gynecologist said that patients she's been seeing recently have gained an average of 23 to 26 pounds! So I'm not alone!

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I just saw an article somewhere that some people getting the vaccine developed redness on their arms. I didn't read the article but will try to find it. I did not have any skin or scar reaction at all. 

Update: Here is the link. 


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If you've got lymph nodes there (I'm not great with anatomy), then it seems like a good bet. Anything that stretches the skin at all would stretch and possibly irritate the scars. Can you feel any swelling under the skin? Here's the link I posted in another forum here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/03/19/covid-vaccine-mammogram/, since it references possible misinterpretation of chest CT scans, as well. The recommendation is to let the radiologist know you've recently had a COVID vaccine.


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I've never heard anything like what is described here as a reaction to a covid shot. I had no reactions whatsoever  from the first shot (pfizer) but I got my second shot yesterday and I went out for my 4.5 mile walk today and I had a tough time of it...considerably more tiring than usual. And I slept good last night (at least 6 hours... for me that's fantastic) so I just don't get it... 

I'm tired now as I sit in my easy chair like I had a rough day...when that's farthest from the truth...

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