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6th (and final) chemo not happening


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Hi everyone,

I saw my onc. today and he along with the clinical trial administrator decided that I should not get the 6th and final chemo as scheduled today.

Since I had fever, low wbc, dehydration after the 4th treatment and the same along with hospitalization after the 5th, they felt that I have received the maximun benefit from 5 rounds and no need to deplete my body any further.

I couldn't agree more :D:D

I was dreading this last treatment and what I would go through.

So I will continue on the clinical trial drug, ZD-6474 and continue to get CT scans for as long as I remain stable, or the tumor shrinks. If I progress, then we will discuss other options.

For now, I am so happy for a break. I look forward to attending my son's varsity soccer games as I have missed almost the whole season! I look forward to feeling better!!!

Thanks for all your support,


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Although I had encouraged you to continue on with the last treatment I have to say that I was hoping that the docs would make this decision.Sounds like you need a break and you did get shrinkage.Keep your chin up and have fun at the soccer matches.We have school baseball starting here.Hope I get over this fatique so I can enjoy some of it.TBone

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Enjoy those soccer games. Glad to hear you have a break!




10/03: 76 yr. Mom diagnosed squamous cell nsclc

11/04-1/04: 4 rounds of Taxol/Carbo

1/30/04: CT scan no change in growth/new spot 

2/4/04: Taxotere

2/8/04: Bad reaction, bedridden with Thrush/Diarrhea

2/26/04: Starts 15 days of Iressa

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