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Bone scan results


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Hi everyone,

thought I'd better tell you what happened today. We found out that Rob has cancer in his right #6 rib, and also in the opposite side. The left side we were not aware of because he has no pain there. (We know it was in the left side.)It must be very small! Anyway, we are scheduled to go to a 3D Radiation specialist in Tacoma on the 15th to talk over what we need to do to get rid of this demon in his ribs. The bone scan still lights up on his T12 vertebre and hip, although he has not had pain there for months. The Dr says it will light up for a long time. (not quite sure what this means) We will be so happy to get rid of the pain. He feels pretty good about the news because during the scan, he said when he looked at the screen. he thought he lit up like a Christmas tree! WE were so glad he was wrong about that! :) He also got a little stronger medicine for the pain, so he won't be so down. I can't imagine how that bone pain feels, I just know it is debilitating! Anyway, after the meeting with the radiologist we will get started on the radiation again . He shouldn't feel as bad and the first time around (we hope) It was hard on him. Good luck to everyone here and we are praying for all of you. By the grace of God may you be healed! If not in this life, just think, no more pain when we get to the other side!!!!!!!!!!! :D Amen!

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Thanks for keeping us updated. So glad there is a plan in place. Sounds like the Doctor is pleased with the vertebrae , lets hope this radiation just zaps the h---- out of the tumor on the rib. Let us know how he is doing. Donna G

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Tess, we were told that bone mets are hard to show shrinkage because the healing bone lights up the scan just as the tumor. I think that may be what your doctor meant -- that the healing bone will show up for a while. That has been our experience. The glow does diminish as the bone heals. You might ask your onc about Zometa, which is given now for bone mets -- it strengthens bones and may prevent further tumors from settling in the bones. Best to you both. Don

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Sorry to hear you have more battles with this disease, but glad to hear you have plans in place.

I'm also glad that, having recently experienced the depressing aspects of pain, you husband has stronger pain meds. It's been a big help for me to not hurt so much.

Hopes and prayers that the radiation knocks the cr** out of the bone mets.


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I am so sorry that your husband is experiencing more troubles.

I hope that the radiation treatments wipe these suckers out and also alleviate his pain.

As far as the spots on his spine and hip lighting up, they say that often with bone mets, even after the cancer is radiated and eliminated the spots will show on the scans but is is akin to scar tissue lighting up. If the doctor's are no longer concerned with it, I would believe this is what they mean.

My prayers are with you


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