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Newly in the Lung Cancer game

Been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer

Received the 3 chemo treatments ever 3 weeks for 12 weeks

just after before Pet scan came down with CoVID


deveoped defib have pacemaker

80 percent collapsed lung

then GI bleed

lost 50 percent of blood 

8 pints blood transfusions 

20 out of 20 days in the hospital 

I have survived only thru the Grace of God

I have now resumed Keytruda and Iron therapies 

Wondering what is next?

I am not in a good place emotionally or mentally 









Now waiting on m




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You've really been through a lot!  Many people on these forums have been through some awful experiences and have survived to have a good life. Cancer sucks but there IS hope. Hang in there. Some of us have found antidepressants or other such meds helpful. I definitely have, and I've also used the cancer counseling service at my medical group. Keep posting. We're rooting for you.

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Wow looks like you've been through a lot of bumps in the road. Hopefully the keytruda gets you on track .Antidepressants do work just have to find out which one works for you. Looking forward to future posts from you.


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So sorry to hear you had to go through so much adversity! However, your record demonstrates that you are a strong and capable survivor! Please do not lose hope and keep focussed on resuming life, there is so much hope these days and new effective treatments and trials to pursue, even with advanced lung cancer. We are rooting for you and so many great people here read messages and give good advice whenever they can. Keep in touch on this amazing forum, it helps so many of us when depression or despair takes over.

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