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Help! I cant stop


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Do you go to any of the Virtual MeetUps? They may be just as helpful and not as time-consuming. I know from personal experience - this cancer, past cancer, parents' cancers, parents dementias -- how all-consuming the research can be. It has taken me a long time to learn when is enough.

While I enjoy research, it can get overwhelming, and you want something left to give to your Dad (which I am sure you are, but we want you around, too, for a while). I've made a very conscious effort to reign myself in and stick to what I went there for in the first place!!  Ifr something carries me away afrom the target and over yonder, I'll bookmark it and return to it another time (or not).

Frankly, much of what I'm researchng these days are procedures or info I've heard about at these MeetUps or from guest  speakers, etc..

Sometimes we feel even more obligated when it's not about us, but about a parent or sibling. I did that with my parents ailments in their later years, too. My suggestion is relieve yourself from being the doctor, but get to know enough that you feel you can ask the right questions. And try support groups, as you are doing.

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Google has its place, but not so much in regard to lung cancer information.  Much of the information you'll find are stats that are averages over a period of 5-years.  They don't accurately represent the newest and innovative treatments that are being applied today.  There is so much information here at Lungevity and among the survivors of this forum that hopefully you can find some solace and hope.

That is not to downplay the seriousness of this disease it is the deadliest of all cancers and highly recurrent.  But knowledge is power that help you to support your dad as he goes through the treatment and recovery journey.  Please take some time to read though information found in our "Lung Cancer 101" that can be found here.


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Take care of yourself. More often than not, Dr. Google is a quack.  

I also see a lot of people sharing research studies they find in professional journals and, if you must read the discussion, I suggest you take it with a big grain of salt. Often people are responding to what they think they are reading, when, in actuality, they have picked out a few sentences that make sense to them. These may not reflect the significance of the study's results. 

Hang in. You can do this!


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