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Things continue looking up around here. :D I was able to take my oxygen tank to the office and worked four half-days this past week. None of the patients seemed to mind. It's a bit of a pain for me but it worked. I'm trying to think of a good name for my little buddy, the rolling "E" cylinder. I sort of like Egbert, or maybe Englebert. Any other ideas?

I started my diet Monday and I've lost about 7 pounds so far. Of course the first 10 are always easy. It's the next 25 that will be tough but it's a good start. I'm on the "prison diet" which is the invention of the 80 year old author/physician and my associate/mentor/best friend/second father, Dr. Ferroll A. Sams, Jr. I did so well this week that Shirley made me :wink: eat a big juicy grilled ribeye last night with grilled veggies. No bread of course, and I made allowances elsewhere in the diet.

I also have been doing two miles/day on the treadmill, at a slightly better than three mile/hr pace, did three yesterday in anticipation of the steak. Of course I have to use the oxygen but that's OK for now. I figure that if God has seen fit to give me a little more time in this old bod, I'd better take better care of it than I have in the past.

I'm getting more hair, my esophagitis/esophageal ulcer doesn't bother me much anymore and the muscle weakness continues to improve. I haven't had to take a nap since Monday. As a matter of fact, I've got insomnia again but it doesn't seem to cause any serious problems for now.

Again, may we all have good and better news soon.

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Keep up the good work Sam! I'm hoping my Mom will be up to your speed in the future!

The tanks are kinda a pain. We are looking into getting the portable liquid O2 for Mom. It is a little less cumbersome and last longer, so we don't have to worry about running out or changing tanks at appointments. (Mom is still on 4L so it goes quickly). As for names how about "Eddie O2" or Ella-tank-a-rella. :roll: I'm sure someone will have better ideas!!

Take care, prayers for continued success.

PS we are tappering Mom's Dex by one dose tonight. Hopefully, it'll work!


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Sam -

So glad to hear you're feeling better and getting a little of your old life back.

Personally, I'd stick some floppy ears and a tail on your tank and call it Fido! (Come on Fido - Sit Fido)

Hope you have a great week ahead of you,


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Oh Sam!! :D What great news. You are really on your way now to making a great comeback.

I like the name HARVEY, you know, the invisible rabbit that Jimmy Stewart had. Or remember that old song by Peter, Paul and Mary...Stewball was a race horse. When I was a kid we named our German Shepherd Stewball and my dad was so mad. Here is this big, powerful, smart dog and he answered to Stewball. It was funny and we loved him so much. Enough of that.

Just so happy to hear good news. Keep it up.


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Good News Sam! (shuuuuuu!)

I like the name E l l i o t!!! ET COME HOME???!!! My granddaughter said the other day when we were at the U of M Clinic. Grandma why do those people have wires in there nose and ears???? (it was oxygen)! Gotta love the little ones!! (she'll be 4 in July) We have a commercial here in Minnesota from Verizon wireless phones that says, "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW"??? That's what came to my mind when she said that.

Glad to hear your doing much better. whisper, whisper!!

Continued good health to you.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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I am so impressed with the amount of walking you are able to do (even with that miserable tank) and the weight loss! I know I have got to do something about this fluffy body I have acquired. I'm hoping this Pulmonary Rehab will offer a good diet for me. Have been thinking of something low carb. Is that like yours?

Have you been able to decrease the amount of prednisone?

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