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Fred has a new test called a PET CT scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well, I know this is a really cancer sensative test and picks up every little thing. I was told before this is why they don't do it for Small Cell, but now because of a lymph node they want to do. Everything has been going so well I hate to have it blow up in our face. I think weve kind of been in a :lol: (we beat it mode ) :roll: It has been over 6 months since his diagnosis and he is starting to look and feel great. Put on over 25 lbs. and all the hair is growing back nice and thick.

Monday he has surgery planned for the Montgomery Procedure (for his voice) this is going to be a trying week.

Wish us well, and lots of prayers needed.


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Tell Fred my thoughts are with him during this trying week.

(Don't get too carried away with those PET results - although it is a wonderful test, it CAN give some contradictory results that they'll want to test further, so take it easy.)

Hugs and prayers,


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Rosemary and Fred,

I'm just adding my prayers to this long list of prayers. I have had the CT/PET scans and they can see more with them and that's a good thing?! Just a better tool is what I was told. None the less, I will wish you both the best for a successful surgery.

Love, Hugs, and Supoort to you both,


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