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Back from Synod Meeting


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I am home and sooooooo glad to be back here, lol. I am ready for a nap, dinner and 8 hours of sleep in whatever order they come, lol.

Worship service went till 10 pm each night and I am NOT used to staying up past 9pm anymore, lol.

It was a very interesting meeting and I really did come away with a renewed faith and sense of who I am and what I am supposed to be doing. I do have to say I cried like a baby when they read the prayer request I had posted for us and to hear 600 people pray for us, all at one time was just so moving.

Cheryl, I did talk to God several times over the course of the week end. He knows what we are looking for here.

Hope you all had a wonderful week end and I look forward to getting caught up on the board.

God Bless you all!


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I can feel your faith coming right through your post Mo. Call it a 'Retreat' or call it a 'Renewal'...both words can work. I'm sure you feel a cleansing of some sort and I'm sure it makes you feel very good about yourself. For now....I'm hoping the "Big C" finds itself up against a power to be reckoned with. Go get 'em Mo.

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Welcome back, Shoog!

Sounds like your long days will be ultimately giving you more peace - way to go!

Glad to see you back (I notice YOU didn't catch the wrath of DavidA for taking off the weekend....hmmmm...maybe YOU are more of a force to be reckoned with - you must have threatened him with a zoo cage or something...).

Take care,


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