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For the Lurkers out there.....

Fay A.

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You folks who just read, but rarely or never actually post anything. We need you. I NEED YOU!!!!!

We have over 1070 members now. If we had that many active members there would be about thousand views to each of our posts.

I need you to become involved. I need you to write to the reporter who mentioned Kate and LCSC in the Arbor Daze Festival article he wrote. Come on. I'm going to die without a miracle....YOU GUYS COULD BE THE MIRACLE I'M LOOKING FOR! I want a miracle (I know...my Mother taught me by the age of 2 that you can't always get what you want). But this is a doable miracle. All of you....writing to anything and anyone that isn't nailed shut. Telling them the effect Lung Cancer has had on your lives. Write, so that the world knows we are out here, and that we aren't going to shut up. Please.

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Fay, I think I would qualify. I wrote this letter to Mr. Ramirez and will keep on writing.

I'm blessed to be healthy and strong and will do what I can to be yours and other's legs and mouths.

I'll also keep praying and hoping each day for your miracle and a miracle for so many others that I have come to love on this site.

Here's a copy of my letter. I made sure to reference any statistics I found on the web with a hyperlink in the text (it doesn't show up in the cut & paste here). I'm not the best at this, but hopefully the overall content will get my meaning across.


Mr. Ramirez,

I enjoyed your Arbor Daze article and was particularly happy with your mention of Kate Brown the Director of Lung Cancer Survivors For Change http://www.lchelp.com/. Mrs. Brown and her husband Rick are an enormous force and source of information, advocacy, and support for those dealing with the way society, caregivers, the medical community, and most of all survivors of Lung Cancer deal with the disease.

We are so hoping that the media will open their ears and start pecking on their keyboards about the extent of lung cancer in this country; the deplorable overall survival statistics (85 percent of people diagnosed with lung cancer will die from it) and the under-funding of the #1, yes #1 cancer killer in the U.S. Lung Cancer alone kills more people each year than prostate, breast, ovarian and colon cancer COMBINED. But, it's an ugly disease that many feel is brought on by choice....which is absurd! Would anyone dare be so cruel as to think an AIDS or Hepatitis C patient is sick by choice and therefore undeserving of research dollars and compassion? Irrespectively, 15 % of all Lung Cancer patients NEVER touched a cigarette, and the majority are former smokers who already kicked the habit.

Please read the story of one of our dearly loved members, Becky, age 31 http://www.thepinelog.com/vnews/display ... 28ed42fcdb . Becky was a Math Professor at Stephen F. Austin State University and died just a couple of weeks ago from lung cancer. She left behind a 3 year old and a husband. There are many more stories. I, personally, lost my beloved grandfather to this disease and found this site last year when I was concerned I would be facing this monster (lung cancer) again because of my 36 year old husband's lung symptoms; fortunately, my husband was and is fine right now.

I hope you'll investigate our cause and help us raise awareness. So many need a miracle and we hope you can help us find it.

With Sincere Appreciation,

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DONE DEAL Fay! I sent mine off this afternoon. I too hope and pray at least HALF of our lurking members will take a minute or two and drop him a line. MORE IS BETTER!! I want a Miracle for you too Fay, and for everyone else here, as well as those that aren't even on this board.

I also want to share with you that I have NO DOUBT in my mind that cancer med's are run by the stock markets and politicans. I just learned today that the NEW Drug Tarceva is HOT in the stock market. Now is it a MIRACLE Drug? I don't know, but it's going to make someone a very rich person. :twisted: Why can't they just focus on saving LIVES!!! Why does there always have to be $$$$$ and greed involved? (oh shut up connie)! :roll::roll: If you want to know more about this, just go to the stock market section and type in OSIP. A dear dear friend sent this info. to me today. He too is a lung cancer survivor.

Love to All, and PLEASE PLEASE write a letter. We need everyone to lend a helping hand. Wonderful Letter Gina!! GOOD JOB!!!! THANK YOU! I also think it's a good idea to keep sending emails to Bush and Kerry. We're bound to be heard one of these times.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

FWIW, I have had an article on line since November, 2003 and poetry since this past month. I've received about 3 dozen responses. No big deal but better than nothing.

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Guest KellyB

Thanks for the updates, I have recently emailed tammy faye baker and even adam sandler, who recently lost his Dad to LC in fall of 2003. A public spokesman of his calibur (in the marketplace that is) would be a great help for publice service announcements. The more voices the better. We will not go away, sooner or later the US has to realize the magnitude of this incidious disease.


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O.K. Fay......you've got me going. A few days ago, I watched the Sharon Osborne Show. Sharon is a colon cancer survivor. She had other colon cancer survivors on the show. Soooooo since you got my mind to thinking, I thought "Why not a show on lung cancer?". I sent her the following e-mail. If some of you would like to send her an e-mail also, maybe we will be so LOUD that we can't be ignored.

I am off to e-mail Mr. Ramirez now. Thanks, Fay, for lighting a fire under my a..........butt. :D I am still devastated about my Dad's diagnosis, but I am working through it. Now, I want to DO SOMETHING!! Believe me, I don't let folks ignore me. I have a BIG MOUTH with a southern drawl that no one can ignore! :lol:

Her is what I wrote to Sharon Osborne:

Dearest Sharon,

I was very impressed with the show that you did on colon cancer. I understand that the subject hits close to home with you. I would like to make another suggestion for a show. How about a show on lung cancer? There are more deaths caused by lung cancer than any other cancers in the U.S. Eventhough it has the highest mortality rate as far as cancer is concerned, lung cancer gets far less funding than other cancers. I personally believe the reason for this is because most people think of lung cancer as a smoker's disease and that they deserved it. That is NOT true. Almost half of the patients diagnosed with lung cancer have NEVER smoked. Amazing, huh? I would like to extend an invitation for you to visit a support group for lung cancer survivors and patients. The web site is lchelp.com. Rick and Katie Brown are the owners and administrators of this site. They give so unselfishly of their time so that patients and caregivers will have a place online to go for support. There are many long-term survivors of lung cancer on that site. So, Sharon, would you be willing to help spread the word about lung cancer and that it is not just smokers who get lung cancer? Would it be possible for you to have Rick, Katie, or some of the survivors or caregivers on your show? We need to raise awareness about lung cancer and with your help, I believe that we can do it! Thank you in advance.

Angie Chism

441 County Road 541

Scottsboro, AL 35768

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