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Well we went to the doctors today. Good news bad news. Gianni's lung and brain were the same :) but his liver mets have grown. :( This was better than I thought it would be. I really thought his brain mets grew and he was more tired than usual so I figured something was going on. After the appointment he went out and cut the grass-riding lawn mower- and is now chopping branches in the yard. Something he has been doing since the weather got better. So thats good.

He is starting a clinical trial. His doctor is heading it up. It's a chemo called TZT-1027 or soblidotin. It is also being tried at Sloane Kettering. Has anyone heard of this? If this doesn't work we can try taxotore. We are able to wait until after my son's wedding to start. His first treatment will be June 2.

Here we go again-up the hill of our rollercoaster ride.

Thanks for all your prayers.


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roasanne, have you looked into radiofrequency ablation for the liver mets? It is a VERY non invasive procedure and has proven to be quite successful. I know that I have been keeping it in mind for my dad if/when his cancer mets to the liver. In all, though, Gianni sounds like he's doing well. If he is able to do all of that yard work, well, thats GOT to be GOOD!! Right? Keep us posted, take care, deb

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Guest DaveG


Gianni's spirit is great. If you can't play golf, then cut the grass. Great attitude.

This is why I come here, attitude. When I read about and Gianni, Katie and her Dad, peg and her husbadn, and the list goes on and on, one just can't help but get enthused about life.

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