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Ry....Hall pass please???

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I will be gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We are going to a place called Center Hill Marina in Tennessee. We will be staying on a 68 foot houseboat for the weekend. I have never done this before......heck, I've never even seen a 68 foot houseboat before!! (Yeah, I've led a sheltered life!) My hubby's sister has a great boyfriend who has rented the boat and invited us to tag along. It should be interesting. I tend to be a land lover..........I also don't like being stuck in small places..........hopefully, we will have a good time. Lord knows that we need it right now. The only thing I hate is that my Dad won't go with us. He is feeling pretty good right now though. He says that it will be nice to have a quiet weekend all to himself. (I'm sure he means "Lord, I'm glad that the kids won't be here running wild this weekend!! :lol::lol: ) I 'm not sure how I'm going to make it without you guys this weekend............I guess packing up my computer would be a bit too much, huh? I will be thinking of you all. See you Monday!


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Have a good time! It will be an adventure!

Speaking of vacation, I have something funny to share. I have no clue where I want to go on a honeymoon, so I said today "I know, lets go to timbuctoo. where is that anyway?" Brian cracked up laughing---it is a fake place, that is why people say it. Oops :oops:

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Its almost like saying going to BOOFOO if you have to go far,,, only I think that is a real place...maybe???? Is it in Egypt...or am I looking real dumb...ah heck who the hell cares, if there is no place called boofoo, then Im gonna buy some land and name it that.


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Have fun! Just view it as a very large waterbed!


Timbucktu? Here, try THIS site...


It's like Kalamazoo - there really is one...Katmandu (Africa, I believe, could be wrong...)


I'll send you a PM so I don't get removed for language....lol

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