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We're on hold - pulmonary problems

gerbil runner

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Well, they got most of the stem cells needed from my mom, but due to her poor pulmonary performance, have decided to wait and treat her with prednisone before proceding with the stem cell transplant. She's not real happy about it, and concerned about the 40% pulmonary function. The radiation is probably responsible for about 10% decline, according to the onc. Mom still needs to have her stress test and get the stupid stent out, too, so it looks like she'll be getting another round of chemo while waiting. The stem cells can stay frozen for awhile, so that's not a concern.

Has anyone else had to work hard at recovering lung function, aside from having surgery? I'm trying to convince mom to get a pulmonologist involved, but I think the drs. want to see the results of her stress test before deciding what to do next. She was constantly monitored on EKG for over 2 days while they harvested the stem cells, and the procedure can be hard on the heart, but she came through perfectly.

In the meantime, mom has lots of night sweats and is still very tired, and pretty exasperated. Anyone have ideas on getting rid of the night sweats?

She's had about 6 months of intense treatment, so I can understand her frustration. Her platelets are low right now, too - she may get a transfusion today so they can remove the catheter used for the stem cell harvest.

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Guest cbysea1

Hi there,

I hope your Mom is strong and hanging in there.But dont forget to take time for yourself.

Could you tell where I can find information on the stem cell process your Mom is doing?

My xrays are still NED but I cant shake this new pneumonia I have gotten from the raidation treatments now.

I am praying for your Mom as well as all the members here.

Kidnest regards,


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Sorry about the glitch in your mom's treatment. Tell her to hang in there, we're thinking of her. Sorry can't help you with your questions, but I'm offering up prayers and support. Hoping Mom is quickly on her way back to this new treatment with much success. Waiting is never easy.

Take care.


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Sorry I missed this post earlier. I hope and pray this setback is short-lived and that things begin to go smoother for your mom. I know she has waited a long time for this, and to wait longer seems unfair. I know more chemo probably sounds depressing but staying NED until thestem cell transplant is the goal.

Keeping you in my thoughts


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Jen, I'm afraid I have little info to offer but I will be praying.

I do know that sweating is a symptom associated with neuroendocrine cancers. SCLC is a NE cancer.

Also side effect of chemo, sometimes having to do with yeast infection caused by chemo. For that, I take live acidophillus culture - much more potent than yogurt. It's available at health stores, found in refrigerator section - older people should start with just 1 teaspoon a day rather than a container. Of course, I'm not suggesting this for your mom as I don't know enough to do so.


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I waited until my second bout of pneumonia before I saw a pulmonist, I wish I had involved one earlier. Good to have around.

I had sweats on and off night and day from before diagnosis until well after surgery. I didn't know what it was, but it was mostly from the cancer, I presume. I just suffered through them, and had a 'short' haircut from the chemo (!!??!!) because the worst part of it was sweating through my scalp.

I hope your mom can find some pleasant distractions, she'll get stronger that way than being all in a hurry up.

Good luck,


Prayers, always


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