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Guest Jonathan

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Guest Jonathan

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, lord knows that there is enough of it here, but I felt it necessary to let eveyone know about someone on here that I recentely became close with. If anyone thinks that my telling this is intrusive or inappropriae please erase this message and let me know so I do not ever do it again.

Do any of you remember Fran from the Chicago suburbs? Her small cell came back a while back, and she was posting on here. She recentley went to Duke for a second opinion and they found tumors in her liver. Her oncologist here switched her to topotecan, a month ago and she unfortunately did not get any response from it. I called her home yesterday, and her daughter in law told me that she is very, very ill and will start hospice care tommorow. Needless to say I was not able to speak with her as they say she mostly sleeps all day from the morphine, and drugs she is on. I was nervous reporting this unfortunate information, because I do not know that it is any of my business to report, however, Fran was always constantly praising this board and talking about how great all of you are. I doubt that she will be on anymore according to what I was told by her family today. She is truly a wonderful and sweet lady, much like my mom was, and I just thought that all of you should know what unfortunately is happening to her as we speak. I felt that maybe we could all say a prayer for Fran and her family today.

For through God we are all connected and we are all family. whether we are sick or healthy, rich or poor, male or female, straight or gay, educated or not, we are all linked together through humanity. We are all in this together!

God Bless fran and her family in their time of need.

With Love for my fellow human beings,


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Johnathan, You have done the right thing by passing this along. My prayers do go out to Fran and her family. I recently messaged Fran right after her re- occurance and she messaged me back to say things were not well. From what i know you are exactly right Johnathan this is a remarkable woman. This stupid disease. I hate it ! This brings to mind my case in particular. I have acted as my own advocate since my diagnosis however, i have made arrangments for a life long friend of mine to post here in case i have to be hospitalized or if anything " bad " might occur in the future. It is truly amazing that i feel the way that i feel about this group without ever meeting a single person here. I truly feel the love here. As i have said in past posts i have not always lived such a perfect life prior to my diagnosis and emotion is something i rarely shared before my diagnosis. This news you have passed on touches me and im sure it will touch others as well. This re inforces exactly what i have come to learn in the last few months. Try to enjoy every single moment and to live my life the best i can today.


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So sorry to hear this terrible news about Fran. It seems when someone from this board has bad news we all suffer along with them and their families. I certainly know that Fran and her family will be thoughtfully and lovingly remembered in our prayers. I know how comforting it was to read all the encouraging words from all of you when Dennis took a turn for the worst. Jonathan, you certainly did the right thing by informing all of us. These boards become a lifeline for many of us. We know that the people here are in the same boat we are in and are dealing with the same issues. It is so comforting to know that others can really undersatnd what we are experiencing. I lost my best friend to leukemia three years ago. In our conversations, she told me of an online group she was participating in and how it was the most she had to look forward to on many long, painful days. I was unable to remember which board she frequented and was unable to notify them of her passing. I tried several but kept getting the wrong ones. So, please rest assured that letting online friends know was the right thing to do.

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