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Debaroo where are you?

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Thanks, guys. I've missed you, too. I have been checking in on posts, but after reading about some of the loss lately, I just don't know what to say. Just feeling rather useless and inarticulate. The feelings are there, but there are no words to connect to them. And I'm afraid I'll screw up and end up offending or upsetting someone.

I know that fathers day can't have been easy for you, Cathy, and I wanted to post to you and Katie, and so many others, but as I said above, I can't find the words to match the feelings.

I think that the biggest thing for me lately is feeling that I want to be able to actually MEET you guys!!! But we're so spread out across the country and even the PLANET, that it seems impossible! I swear, If I win the big lotto, the big get together is on ME!!!! :D

Ok, so, on Sunday I had to send a huge THANK YOU up to my Daddy. My husband and I had gone out with the kids and stopped at the local 7-11 for slurpees and coffee, and I, being me, locked BOTH sets of keys in the car :oops: . Thank God my husband can IMMEDIATLY see the humor in pretty much any situation, and we had a good laugh. I called my mom and asked her to bring me the copy she has, but she told me that she didn't have a copy of my car keys, just my house keys (which we needed anyway). I then asked her if she still had one of the 'jimmys' that Daddy made at work (I have done this many times in my youth-and Daddy found it necessary to make a 'jimmy' at work to keep at home for my eventual use-which I DID use it on several occasions). Mom said that she got rid of the jimmys, so I just asked her to bring the house keys, hoping against hope that I'd have an extra car key somewhere at home-knowing full and well that I didn't.

So, Mom pulls up, and loe and behold-Daddy DID have a copy of my van keys on the keychain labeled "Debi: house/van" with my house key copy-he was a VERY organized man, and believed in being prepared for ANYTHING...this included his absent minded little girl and her occasional habit of locking her car keys in her car. :D:lol: The first thing daddy would ask for when a new car was purchased, or a home was for a copy of the keys '...just in case'. Mom and I had a good laugh, and I, my husband and my children yelled a loud, happy, "THANK YOU POPPY!!!!" to heaven.

It was a great day-and made me reflect on how lucky I am to have such an understanding husband, a mother that is STILL willing to drop everything for me, AND, of course, a father so loving and caring that I still get a glimpse of it even six months after his death!!

Thanks, guys, for being here, even when I'm not...thanks for making such a warm, soft place to land when I'm crashing, and for such a joyous festive place when there is something to celebrate! Take care, Deb

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)
.... but after reading about some of the loss lately, I just don't know what to say. Just feeling rather useless and inarticulate. The feelings are there, but there are no words to connect to them. And I'm afraid I'll screw up and end up offending or upsetting someone.

You did a wonderful job of articulating your feelings - just marvelous.


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Hi Deb,

Its okay I know how you feel..Sometimes I have so much to say but just cant seem to find the words either. Just glad to know your still here.. :)

P:S I am planning in the near future, to take a mini vacation in New York, hopefully we can meet up..I am really bad with geography how far are you from the city?

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Keith and I have always wanted to go to New York too.

I agree with everyone else too. You have a wonderful way with words in that your heart and your sentiment always are reflected and shine through. I know it is hard to find the right words, when there doesn't seem to be words in the English language strong enough or meaningful enough to express our emotions. I've felt it here too lately. I've haven't been able to be on the boards much lately, and it seems like every time I log on, we've lost someone else I've grown to love and care about. It is like my heart is caught in my throat and it refuses to let the words come out. You are right, there are no words to connect the feelings, but still the feelings are conveyed loud and clear.


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:oops: Aw, shucks, thanks you guys :oops::wink: for all of your encouraging and kind words.


As Andrea said, I'm about an hour from the city by train, but if I were driving-depending on the good ole' long island traffic-it could be a bit longer. I'd LOVE to see you guys!! the only time, so far, that I won't be home is October 9-16th (we're going to Disneyworld again!!!) Other than that-I'm here, just awaiting word from any of you guys. I'd be more than happy to meet you wherever you are-city or wherever.

So, Cathy, Denise, Francine, KatieB, Carleen and Keith, Cat? Don and Lucie? Andrea-you can take the girl out of Long Island, but you can't take the Long Island outta the girl :wink: , and ANYONE and EVERYONE-just name the date, maybe we could even get group rates for hotel stays? If you'd like, I'd gladly look into it for you all. Take care, guys, and I am serious about this-hope you are too!!! It sure would be great! Deb

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Now I wish we would have decided on NYC this weekend, but my son and daughter want to come when we go, so it will cost us double the expenses and we want to go when we have more than 2 days, thats why we decided on Toronto this week, however we are definately going to make the trip

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