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Trip to the ER


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Hey everyone,

My mom wanted me to post a message about her here to let everyone know how she was doing. She was doing so well with her chemo without any real harsh side effects but now she believes that her stay in the hospital is on account of her recent taxotere treatments. Anyway, it all started on Tuesday. By the way, she just returned to work from a 6 month absense last Monday. So Tuesday I drop by her house to pick her up and she is not outside like she normally would be. I go inside and find her still sleeping, so I wake her up and her breathing is pretty bad... Wheezing, some coughing. I said I think you need to see the doctor. She ends up going to work anyway with me (we work at the same school) and she calls her doc who tells her to come in as soon as she can. So we make our way over there around 9:30. He tells her that her oxygen concentration is around 88 on room air so he decides to put her on some oxygen and gets her set up for home oxygen use. She does a nebulizer treatment while she is there and then the doc sends her home with a prescrip for an antibiotic because he believes that she either has pneumonia or bronchitis. The oxygen and nebulizer seemed to be working until Thursday when I came to get her again she was not outside, I went in and her breathing was like it was on Tuesday. I decided that a trip to the ER would be necessary to see what is the problem. We get there around 8:30 and they do all the normal testing.. vitals, then did an x ray, gave her some more breathing treatments. They tell her that there is a shadow around her tumor in the lung and they believe that it is either an infection, pneumonia or bronchitis. They decide they will keep her till at least today and take another x ray to see if its improved. They then did a ct scan and said that it was the tumor causing part of her lung to collapse and that is why she is having a rough time breathing. They also give her a blood transfusion because her wbc count is low (Im not positive on what was actually wrong with her blood but they did give her a transfusion). So at this point I dont think they actually know what the problem is but they are continuing to give her nebulizer treatments and antibiotics and hopefully she will recover very very soon because she really wants to go back to work and my heart feels like it is being ripped out every time she coughs. I am just very worried and I pray everyday that she will be better soon. Any thoughts and prayers for her would be appreciated. Please anyone pm me because I dont have many people to talk to and I feel like Im on my own. Thank you for taking the time to read this and god bless you all.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Oh Kelly, I'm so sorry. Here's wishes and prayers that your mom will recover soon. As soon as my out-of-state company leaves, I'll PM you.

Take care,


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I am really sorry to hear your mom is having a hard time right now. She's in the right place to get round-the-clock care. Depending on how much her lung has collapsed, they might have to put in a chest tube. Don't let that frighten you if they do, it will certainly help her breathing. Please keep us posted as to how she is doing, and please tell her I said hello and am praying for her. Also, you have lots of friends here and we are all here for you and Deb, so don't be afraid to come here and talk to us anytime you need ears or shoulders. Ok?



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Being in the hospital is such a good news, bad news thing. Bad news that you have to be there in the first place but good news that your Mother is getting the care and treatments she needs to get back on her feet.

She seems to have a great attitude and determination and this will only help her. Here's praying that she is back to school asap.

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