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Pin, and an Air Bubble


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Hi everyone...

Im sorry to report, but my Dad is having a really sh*tty week. Hes in so much pain, that he cant even drive a short distance.

That air and fluid bubble Ive been posting about has moved itself over into my Dads back, neck and arm. He meets with the surgeon once again on Wed.

They are going to do a test to see what the blockage is in his windpipe. They mentioned sticking the tube down his throat to see what is going on. Does anyone know what that test is called.

:D The good news is that now that they are sure NED is here, they think its just an infection, or something that didnt heal right with the surgery...

:x The bad news is that its SURGERY again!!!

I wil keep everyone posted when I find out more...


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Yes, it is an endoscopy procedure. They will give your dad some meds to make him calm and "forget" what is going on. He will be conscious during the procedure (if it is like most procedures looking down the throat and lungs). When they finish they will give him something to counteract the demerol and he will be normal again. I hope they find something simple and don't have to do actual surgery again.

It could be another kind of endoscopy where they actually put him to sleep and go inside the body with scopes of a different nature. For instance, some gallbladders are removed with endoscopy surgery.

Endoscopy simply means going inside the body with a scope with a light on it and a camera so that the surgeon can see what he is doing. If it is down the throat to the stomach it is called an EGD. If it is into the lungs it is called a broncoscopy. If it is to look inside the body cavity it is called endoscopic surgery. Hope this helps.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Jamie, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad's pain but glad to hear he's NED. I've had multiple endoscopy looking for ulcers, etc.. Even though I was told I would be half conscious during the procedure so I could swallow on command, I had no pain or memory of that part. It seemed to be a very easy procedure. Here's hoping and praying.


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Oh Jamie, I'm sorry to hear your dad has to go through all this crud! It's just not right, is it??? Please know your all in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sure he'll be on the road to recovery real soon!

My daughter had surgery last Tuesday to have her tubes tied and she had that air bubble too! It didn't go away until Friday. But, it did go away!

She said it was pretty painful!

Love & Hugs,


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Not that I would relish the procedures that your dad may be facing, but in terms of surgery, these are relatively minor, I think. That bronchoscopy doesn't involve any incisions, and if they need to re-insert chest tubes, yes it is a surgical procedure, but not like a lobectomy. Like I say, no one wants to see him have to do this, but I think to relieve that air and fluid, he will feel a lot better for very little invasive procedures.

After that is resolved, then hopefully it will be all steps forward from there....

Thinking of you and your dad and I am madly in love with that puppy of yours!

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Thanks everyone, Im just so worried. Im mad that we cant fully enjoy NED being here because of all of this. I think my Dads most upset because going to see the Bears is definitly out of the question, and hes pretty bummed. Oh well, theres always next year...


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Hi Jamie.

Sorry your Dad is not feeling good this week. I hope everything works out for him. Do you think he could have damage from Chemo and radiation. Someone I know had cancer of the esophagus and they damaged his throat with treatments and he couldn't even eat. They had to surgically stretch his throat so he could eat. Maybe your Dad didn't have radiation close to his windpipe. Could they have damaged it doing a broncoscopy? Some people have bad effects, most just have a sore throat. Praying for him.


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