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off to onc office and i have a great idea for new invention


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Any engineers out there? I was just thinking, how cool would it be if you could walk through like a metal detector machine and if cancer is all gone bells and whistles go off; if there is shrinkage just whistles; and if there is growth loud obnoxious noises. This way there is NO wa iting to schedule scans, waiting for results of scans, etc. I think it is brilliant :D

Ok, off to meet my mom now for her appt :)

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Hmmm...but loud noises if there IS cancer would scare the crap out of you right off and THEN that familiar dread would take over...

Maybe a softer "warning", to ease you into bad news?

(...and LOUDER and GRANDER for NED, something like ticker tape and confetti and marching bands and horses...er, skip the horses, makes walking kinda tricky for the marching band...)

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