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Questions on Chemo


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My father has been diagnosed with lung cancer 5cm x 4cm in his right lung. He has emphysema and COPD, and on oxygen 24 hours a day. They will be doing a bronchoscopy on Monday, as they cannot do a needle biopsy due to where the tumor is at. I am so very, very afraid of this disease. From what I've been reading, pleople with emphysema don't qualify for chemo. Is this true? If so, why is that. My fathers health is otherwise very good. He still exercises, and volunteers 3 days a week. I am just praying they don't tell us there is nothing they can do. I would hope they would at least be able to do something! The waiting is the hardest part. They have already told my father the tumor is unoperable due to it's location and his emphysema. I would appreciate any kind words from anyone who has survived without surgery, and info on chemo. Thank you all for all the support.

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Hi, Herman, and welcome. My wife has asthma and allergies and she still had both chemo and radiation. She even survived bilateral pneumonia last August after treatment. She was given 9 months to live at diagnosis and is now less than two months shy of two years. She is Stage IV, so there was no surgery. Keep us posted. Don

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Herman -

Always get a second or even a third opinion when they tell you that you "can not" do a treatment!

Although I don't know the specific answer to your question, I would not take no for an answer! There is always hope and ways to figure things out, it just may be finding that Dr who knows how to do it! and do it right!

Good luck too you and your Dad, be strong!

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I just attended a lecture at a lung cancer consortium, a GI doctor explained how he could biopsy from the inside during endoscopy, using ultrasound ( like you see babies in utero) very accurate, might be less trauma to your Dad because they would not use his airway. He may not have good enough lung capacity to have surgery , has he had any pulmonary function tests? I would think he could have chemo and radiation. Keep us posted. Donna G

Here is an article

http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/links/ ... VXJL3SpIB4

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Thank you so much for all the reply's regarding my father and his newly diagnosed lung cancer. I so appreciate all the information, ecapecially to Don who replied within minutes. I could not reply until now, as when I wrote originally, I was at work, and crying. I felt like I just needed a friend, and after I wrote, I was able to get calmed down. But as I said, I was at work, and could not devote any more time at that point. I also appreciate the information on the ultrasound, as I feel that would be a very viable option for my father. His pulmonologist said she would probably not be able to get to the tumor with the bronchoscopy due to it's location, but she is going to try. That leaves me feeling very uneasy, as they could not even get to it with a needle biopsy. I am hoping the pulmonologist does not do more damage than it's worth, as I am concerned with a collapsed lung. My parents have asked their primary care physician for a referral (they have an HMO) to another pulmonologist, but she said "that would just complicate things until the biopsy is done" and would not give them one. There is a doctor I want my father to see, and I am willing to pay for the visit, but yet my father is scheduled for the bronchoscopy Monday morning. My gut feeling is to suggest my father not have the procedure on Monday, but we had such a hard time getting the pulmonologist to do anything at all. For a week, my mom kept calling the office, with no return calls. As we now found out today, apparently, the pulmonologist asked 4 radiologists to do the needle biopsy, and all declined saying they could not get to the tumor. But yet the pulmonologist never called and let my parents know what was going on. I feel so uneasy about this whole thing. My father has seen this pulmonologist for the past four years for this emphysema (sp) so we felt (until now) confident in her abilities. My father has always told me "if in doubt, forget about". Also, antoher concern is that if we cancel the procedure on Monday, we don't know when we could re-schedule - either with the current pulmonologist or another one, and apparently the tumor was not there in April, and is now 5cm x 4 cm large. So it is growing very fast, and it seems time is of the essence. My father will do whatever my mom and I decide, as he knows we always have his best interests in mind. He is very capable of making his own decisons, and has told me he has had such a bad feeling in his stomach about this procedure, and the hospital in which it is going to be done. But yet, he is so scared to start with. As we all are. As you can tell, I am so very close to my parents, ecspecially my father. I am 41, and my father is 74. I don't know what is the right thing to do right now. I know this is very long, but I have followed this web site for over a month, since my fahter had pneumonia, and was given the news that he might have a very serious problem. I wrote in because I was so touched at the "togetherness" of this web site community, and I really need the support and knowledge of those who have experienced what I am only just begining too. Thank you all who have opened your heart to me. It will always be remembered and appreciated.

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Guest williams

My mother is 81 years old, non smoker, has had atrial fibrillation for 4 years, other wise in good health. she had a cough that would not go away, doctor kept saying it was from her blood pressure med.

A CT showed masses and nodules in both lungs, inflammation of lymph nodes. Respirologist wanted to do broncocopy and biospy. Had to bring her off coumadin, put her on heparin to prevent stoppage of blood thinner for too long as risk of strokes was high.

Despite all our fears, the whole procedure went very very well, she did not feel a thing. the bad news was the positive diagnosis. But at least now treatment could be started.

Oncologist did not recomment surgery or chemo due to stage and age, but she has already had 3 rounds of radiation.

Iressa has been mentioned, and may be started.

What I'm saying is, despite her age and other medical conditions, she did come through the procedure very well, and although it can be different for each person, you have to hope for the best outcome, keep positive, and be there as much as you can.

Good luck and you will be in my prayers.


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Don't have many helpful hints for your dilemma, but just that get all the information you can, then help your parents make a decision and be as assertive as you have to be. Sorry you have to be going down this road, but you obviously are taking all the right steps.

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Hi..Just wanted to say that my mom has copd/emphezema and has unwent radiation and chemo at the same time, no one has ever even hinted that she could not due this because of the copd. The only thing that was ever said was she could not have surgery because she could not live with the one lung since it was not that great because she was a 40 yr smoker before quitting 5 yrs ago.

She also has had a easy time with the chemo, although the radiation kicked her good, she is daily getting better now.

PLease get second opinions especially when they tell you they "can't" do something.

Prayers to you and your family


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