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Don Wood

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True story: Lucie is a chocoholic. Hershey's is her favorite. I saw a couple of T-shirts on the Hershey's website, with Hershey bars picture and cute slogans, so I ordered them for her. (Yes, I get chocolate for her all the time.)

Well, this morning we went out to get sandwiches for lunch. I bought Lucie a chocolate chip cookie. When we returned, there was a message on the phone. "Mr. Wood, I live down the street from you, and some candy you ordered has been delivered to my address by mistake." Well, I realized it must be the shirts and with the Hershey name on the package, she would figure it was candy. I said, "Many thanks. I will come get the package. By the way, it is not candy -- it is T-shirts." "Oh, my gosh", she says, "I put the package in the refrigerator!"

When I knocked on the door and she answered, I said, "I understand you have some 'cool" T-shirts for me!" We both had a good laugh.

P. S. Lucie liked the shirts and put one on right away.

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I'll make you all sick! I LIVE in a town that has a Hersheys plant!!!!!!! Hershey bought the factory from Leaf several yrs ago who bought the plant from Heath Candy several years before that. I actually live in the sweetest smelling town in the country.

I have friends who work there that 1 time a week they can get candy from the company store for almost nothing. I keep those friends close by!


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