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Tim's Surgery Updat


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Tim's doing good. He's still in intensive care for monitoring, but the docs and nurses are all amazed that he's doing so well. He's standing up, sitting in a chair for hours at a time. He had mac & cheese for dinner!! He'll be moved to a regular room tomorrow and be out in a few days. His epidural started to leak last night, so they took it out and started him on regular pain meds. He's doing OK on those and is without much discomfort. His oxygen rate (without added oxygen) is between 97 and 100--pretty incredible for a one-lunger. He dozes off when I talk to him--my sister says I must be boring him. :lol::lol:

Not sure what the prognoses is now. The onc came by and says after he heals up a bit they will start more chemo...but that will be awhile yet.

All your prayer and good thoughts must have worked for him. Our onc said that the surgeon called him in the middle of the surgery and told him how difficult things were getting and our onc told him to continue....that we were determined to fight this with all we had. I'm so glad we communicated that to him and he had no doubts about what we wanted.

Thanks everyone!!


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Good for you guys !!! Keep up the good work.

When my edipural was removed, they had me on a morphine pump, then a demoral pump, I think, although I was pretty much in happy land. I was afraid to use the pump at first, because I feared addiction, but the surgeon told me to so I would clear my lungs.

One day at a time.

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Guest DaveG

Having been through two lung sugeries, I understand the dozing part very well. My wife used to say, "wake up, I'm talking to you". I would nod an acknowledgement and go right back to sleep. :D:D:D She was one frustrated woman :lol::lol::lol: She would wake me up again, and I would say, using the accent from Fantasy Island: "It's the drugs, it's the drugs". :lol::lol::lol:

In reality, thoracic surgery is probably the worst surgery in the sense of post op pain. I am now 9 months out from my last surgery and I still have residual discomfort from the ribs and numbeness, from nerve damage, in my right upper abdomen. In talking with others, what I am experiencing, is, generally, very common for this to continue for quite some time. It is nothing that puts me down, as I have adjusted to the pain and discomfort.

I have been asked if I would ever do it again. If I was to have that option, yes, I would probably do it again.

It is good to hear that Tim is doing so well. I am sure he continue on the road to recovery.

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Hi Anniemac,

Sounds like Tim is right on schedule. When my Buddy had his surgery on 9/11/02 the Drs all said he did well with the hard time they had getting his lung out between the ribs. Had to cut parts of two or three ribs to get the lung out. The surgeon said he had to be gone for four days and would be back on such and such a date and that his partner would be looking in on Buddy. To make a long story short, am glad he went out of town because if not my Buddy would have been home in 3 days instead of 5. He got along so great through all of that. He does have a very high tolerance for pain. Not me. I scream when I break a nail... Tim probably will be screaming to go home another day or so too, so you both hang in there and let him sleep all he wants right now. Just get a good book and read at his side... God Bless



husband Stage IV

nsclc dx'd 7/31/02

nsclc surgery left lung removed along with 5 to 7 lymph nodes 9/11/02

Radiation and chemo 10/02 - 11/02

Radiation 12/02 - 2/03

2/03 meds to brain - 10 whole head radiation treatments

4/03 meds to bone - 10 radiation treatments

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Hi Annie,

Tell Tim, I said welcome to the " 1 - LUNGERS CLUB"; they took mine just over 2 years ago. I'm happy Tim's healing well, reminds me of the way I was. Tell em to keep a pillow handy for the cough's ( under the arm ), it's OK to use the ox. ( good at night ) and watch out for the GAS. :shock:

God bless and be well, you guys are in my prayers

Bobmc - NSCLC- stage IIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

The family pic was taken 8 weeks after surgury in the rainforests of Costa Rica

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