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Feeling a little better


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Just wanted to post some happy stuff since all I have ever done was post my problems.

I have had a few baby steps!

My radiation burn has finally stopped bleeding all the time! It has gotten alot smaller then before and I think it may be going away soon!

Last night I was able to swallow three times in a row without stopping! Haven't been able to do that for over a month! Also had a few swallows of soda (oh it was good!), haven't been able to do that for a LONG time!

Also been able to cut out one dose of pain pills! yeah!

Like I said baby steps BUT improvement! :P

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SOME of those baby steps were pretty big ones - cutting out one dose of pain pills? Wah-hoo!

It DOES get better...as for the radiation burn, it'll darken the skin where it is, making the ol' cleavage appear even deeper... (anyhow, that's what I keep telling myself about my localized tan...)

Take care,


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GOOD for YOU!!!!

Baby steps is what it is about. Just today, just right now, what can I do. I know what radiation did to my breast, I can only imagine what it has done to your throat.

Keep sharing those baby steps, 'cause they are really big steps!!!


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That is great Beth...I think they are really "big" steps as i know how painful that is from seeing mom go thru it right now. 3 sips/swallows is a big thing when its been zip.

I sure hope it keeps on getting better everyday now. Mom cannot wait to go eat some mexican food!!

How long was it from you last radiation treatment till you were able to take those 3 painless sips?? Kinda curious when mom can expect that...it has been 8 days today since mom finished her radiation treatments.

Please keep us posted on all your "baby steps", love good news no matter how small. :D

god bless


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Hugs and Happy Danced for baby steps! I am headed in the opposite direction, I know my throat is starting to bleed, cause I keep coughing up bloody ickys. I am still able to swallow, but I can see I am going to loose that soon. It is only 11 shots of radiation, so hopefully I won't be in too bad a shape. They are already nagging me to cut down the pain meds, last week it was take em this week its ease up, oh well! The great step for me was I slept laying down in my bed for the first time in a month! I have been sleeping sitting propped up on the coach in the living room and it was just not restful. I decided to try to lay down and see if the spasming wouldn't get better. I layed down and I went right out, sleot 10 hours! So the radiation must be shrinking the tumor.!! Hooray!



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