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Update (finally) on my mom Deb


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Hi all.

First, my apologies for not posting earlier about my mom but I was just overwhelmed with things for a few days I barely had time to do anything. My mom is in the hospital still as of right now. She started iressa about 3 weeks ago and then she started to feel nauseated about 2 weeks in and she was also vomiting and not really eating much so we took her to the ER because they thought she was getting dehydrated. They kept her from Monday until Wednesday of last week. She came home wednesday feeling like the stomach irritation was going away but her back was starting to hurt. It was hurting her so much that she didnt know what to do. She is on the duragesic patch and I couldnt imagine what her pain would be like without the patch. On friday, the nurse that visits weekly told her she should go back to the hospital, so she did. She has been there since. They are trying to get her breathing a little bit better before they will send her home as she has been coughing and a bit wheezy. I am just praying that everything will be ok no matter what happens and that she will be able to come home soon. They were giving her demerol for pain and had some wierd water thing connected to her oxygen today. I am not sure what that was for, but i hope it helps. They are giving her breathing treatments as well. She believes that this is caused by the iressa. I think I agree with her. I showed her all the prayers that everyone said for her and all the nice things everyone posted. Thank you to everyone who is thinking of her and praying for her too.


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Kelly, Lucie got bilateral pneumonia from Iressa, so I believe, too, the respiratory problems could be related to the Iressa. You should tell the onc you suspect this may be contributing. It might be wise to take her off the Iressa until things clear up. Best to you and your mom. Don

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I have a humidifier attached to my oxygen condensor unit. The O2 can be very drying and irritating to the lung(s). The Oxygen passes through the water and is easier to breathe. I would have terrible nose bleeds before I was given the humidifier attachement.

Thinking of Deb and wishing her WELL.

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TBone had that water thing attached to his oxygen also. The hospice information packet said it was to put moisture into the oxygen so it wouldn't be so dry and therefore uncomfortable. So I agree with Fay that it's probably that. But I had a hard time getting used to the sound - made me need to go to the bathroom!!

Here's hoping your Mom is on the road to better days.



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