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My darn fried brain!


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Don't know if this is any consolation, but I did that late last week. Not sure how I did it, either. And there were ones I wanted to respond to (Octobergrace...let me hear from you again!) but had not done so yet. Computer is being totally spastic..can't rely on it from one moment to the next.

Plus private messages I had sent out in July were never delivered to the recipient, until a few days ago. Weird....

It may not be you, Flakey. :wink:

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If your brain is fried mine is sauteed. I do crap like that all the time. I was blaming it on chemo-brain, but my oncologist messed that excuse up the last time we saw him...said my doses were much too light to cause chemo-brain. I would have been ok if my husband hadn't heard it as well. Now I have NO excuse whatsoever...just going stupid I guess. I wish you luck.


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