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I missed chat tonight because it ain't my PC and it wasn't "my turn"...

Ohhhhh, I so miss being my own person and owning my own "toys"...as SOON as I get into my own house, I'll be in chat religiously...especially since Survivor isn't on Tuesday nights and Amazing Race is almost over... :wink:

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Becky, I signed off in time to see Amazing Race. Was really sorry Colin and what's her name got another chance. I am routing for Kim and his wife. See, Beck, we all have white matter problems. I could not have done that climb the rope, walk the girder thing.

Yeah, 38 hours to Survivor.

Of course, I only watch PBS the other times.

When is the move? Hope it is soon.


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Muriel, I'm still cleaning up from Frances ! I will promise and make it next Tuesday if Jeanne doesn't come a calling! After all these hurricanes this year, you're going to be afraid to move to our lovely state!!! Don't worry, this year is really an oddity for us!

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I think if everyone is on Tuesday its hard to get away again on Wednesday. The Friday chats are usually called by Rick via e-mail and are not regular chat nights. Since so many missed last night, maybe they will be on tonight. Maybe you should take over as the chat host :wink: Hope you are feeling well and up to all the harassement...Elaine missed Tuesday also.

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