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not so good maybe

cindi o'h

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I had some kind of new angiogram test done earlier this Sept2. imaging with the latest ct capabilites. There was another blockage in one o f the arteries so i went in the hospital to get that opened up.

Today, my sensitive and caring internist calls and says she got a radiology report that says I have a pleual effusoin and enlarged lymph nodes and tumor changes....all this on an answering machine!!

When i found out that she was on call, i called he up to get details. She said she doesn't have the report in front of her and cannot understand why i would be calling her after the office is closed....

I have pages and pages of these sorts of things...so unprofessioal. So, tomorrow, I will try to locate the film and drag in front of the onc. and wait to see what he says....

I got a rush of adrenlin............

This wait and see business has it's way with me most every time..

cindi o'h

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Thank you survivors...

i have had the most difficult time trying to find the right co-pilot of this ship. it scares me to move and i don't want to do more harm than good.

i don't disagree with a one o'ya. in fact i thank you for your wonderful validation...i think i will keep my ear to the ground and do some interviewing before i make the big move

thank you all. Only two more days until i see the onco for verification or denial..........wish me well, please...

Cindi o'h

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