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Sun burn


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OK, who's an idiot? ME!

Went to the State Fair yesterday WITHOUT sunscreen! My lower face and lower arms are burnt, oh they hurt! And guess who has chemo today! I can't believe that I forgot the sunscreen! I truely look like a redneck (sorry if that offends anyone), my lower arms......my neck and below my sunglass line are red! I did manage to keep the bald head white as a sheet though! No sun there! Ouch!

I got to try a fried twinkie and fried oreos! Could only take a bite cause of my damn throat but I'm glad I got to try them! They are different!

P.S. hey that's pretty cool the website edited my curse word!

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If your doctor is anything like mine, you're gonna catch h*ll about the sunburn, and THEN you're gonna hurt.... :roll:

Hope it eases up some by the morning, but I don't really think it will - we all KNOW that sunburns get worse while we sleep, not better...and a shower? :shock:

Glad you had fun...and had you been able to swallow, ya probably would have burned the roof of your mouth on those greasy concoctions!


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Fried twinkie?! Fried oreos?! Man - I thought we Georgians were guilty of trying to fry just 'bout anything that didn't move (and some that do!), but you Virginians might have us beat! Can you get those recipes for the fundraising cookbook? :lol:

Sorry you got sunburned. We've all done that . . . doesn't it make you feel like an idiot? (Not calling you an idiot - that's just how I feel when I do that!)

Oh yeah - no offense taken to the redneck comment. We're always glad to add more to our ranks. And if you ate that stuff, you've got more reason than the sunburn to call yourself one!

Take care!


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Ok, I can attest to Beth's sunburn. Who did I run into at the oncologist office today? Beth!!! OK, I KNEW she'd be there. It was my mom's first chemo treatment for her colon cancer. We walk into the chemo waiting area and there sits Beth, red as a beet. Bad girl, I said, bad bad girl! (I am imitating Faith here).

I hope she's doing OK, I called her house and she wasn't home yet, her husband said she had a reaction at chemo (again, poor thing) and then my Mom called when she got home and said there was about three people at a time "working" on Beth, so something was up.

They both had to wait over two hours to get their chemo going. Ridiculous. Dave was over at their "satellite" office getting his chemo, walked in, sat down and was done about the time these two were getting hooked up.

Prayers and good vibes for Beth, I know she's miserable right now.


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Check out my post regarding roller coaster rides.

YES, i'm bad (like Karen says) and stupid. Everyone yelled at me.....My Mother 4 times, the Nurse Practioner 2 times, the infusion nurse 2 times, the nurse trainee is the only one who didn't give me a hard time and I think that was because she was so young.

I swore that I would never do it again! I promise I won't forget the sunscreen next time.


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Sure hope you are feeling better. Went to our Los Angeles County Fair last weekend - they had the fried Twinkies, Oreos and Deep Fried Snickers. Didn't try any of them cuz I had already eaten too much.

I have done the sunburn thing too. Talk about an idiot - I get skin cancer on my face. I was in the sun all day - had a hat on but it didn't cover up my ears. I am use to having hair do that - totally forgot about the ears!

Anyway, hope your next chemo will be much easier on you. Wet tea bags helps pull the hurt out of the sunburn.

Love and many prayers to you.

Nancy B

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