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    i am alive

    hello again. its been awile.so a little recap. my name is raymond johnson and i had my first biopsy on 1 april 2017 and diagnosis with non small cell squamous lung cancer. due to local medical delays, i finally went to memorial sloan kettering for treatment. i was given tencentriq for pre surgery treatment. then surgery was delayed twice due to electrolytes unbalance. on 1 aug 2017 i had my surgery. my right lung was removed with clean margins. no cancer cells left behind. but. my surgeon said i had a very massive muscular vascular chest wall, which made it hard to close. so, after 5 chest surgeries to fix the many air and blood leaks, 2 cardiac arrests, 2 strokes/tia, pneumothorax, compartment syndrome , massive electrolyte imbalance, i survived. i am alive. i have pain from the surgeries, going to rehab 3 times a week and my local doc is taking over in managing my synthroid meds. but i am alive... to be continued...... peace and love to all