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  2. Thanks so much Lou! While general consensus seems that what has been found in the lungs is likely not what is causing my symptoms, i found it interesting that the chest pains I have correspond quite closely to what was described in CT. My appointment with pulmonologist seemed to indicate an obstruction in the upper airway, so I've been referred me to Otolaryngology for further review.
  3. I was stage 1....but 3 months later, after surgery removing top third of right lung, I was stage 3...mass was larger and 4 lymph nodes had cancer. After surgery, no evidence of disease, but with lymph nodes surgery was followed by chemo (carboplatin and alimpta). PET scan showed no evidence of disease....but still had radiation (28 days). PET scan followed....no evidence of disease. I've had another PET scan in January and one in June....no evidence of disease. Surgery at MD Anderson, Houston, chemo and radiation done locally. Find the best medical advice, keep your primary physician involved (especially for pneumonia) and fight aggressively.
  4. I found that my primary doctor dealt best with the pneumonia I had two times going through chemo and radiation. My oncologist and radiation doctor focused mostly on cancer.
  5. Bless you and your mom. Such good news!
  6. Wonderful! Stay the course. Tom
  7. Oh I meant to say, this virus thing is a mystery because in April I got a recombent exercise bike. I was doing rides during the day of 12 mins each. Then suddenly one day I got on the bike and couldn't even do 2mins. This is the first time I felt this virus thing. I waited a few days and got back on the bike and the same thing happened. I couldn't even reach 2mins. Then of course on May 20 I found myself in the ER with pneumonia and a newly discovered mass on my lung. This is why I think the virus is connected somehow to the mass.. I feel the virus today with a lot of weakness. Maybe it is related to the pneumonia. I remember my pulmonary doctor say that it takes a month or more to recover from pneumonia. At this point who knows?
  8. Blood pressure is always good thanks to a combo I found because of a great PCP who worked with me. Today is weird. Yesterday I thought that I might be headed towards another bout with pneumonia. Lungs and trachea were irritated. But this morning my lungs are better. The only thing I have to complain about Lol is that this thing that they say is growing in me is totally zapping my energy. This mass thing is all new to me. I am still waiting to meet up with my thoracic surgeon on the 19th to make plans for the biopsy. But I can see that if this thing wants to zap my energy I am going to have to roll up my sleeves and fight the thing to have any kind of life. I haven't even gotten any chemo yet. But I can see that energy loss is an enemy that I will be fighting
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    Yes it is Irwin ..a way to share treatments and issues with others going through or gone through the same problems to do with lung cancer and emotional support too ..
  10. Leo, her first two treatments were Carboplatin and Tecentriq then third treatment they added Etoposide. She’ll get all three again next week. Then after that she’ll remain on Tecentriq indefinitely. Her doctor started her on treatment very cautiously because of her age (90). She wanted to see if she could tolerate the Carbo & Tecentriq before adding the Etoposide. The addition of the Etoposide seemed to increase her fatigue and made her feel pretty awful which made her begin to question her decision to have treatment at all. But over the last week she began to feel better and when we got her pet scan results yesterday it renewed her determination to get through it.
  11. Hi brenda did your husband have a lung function test done ? Because I did and was told if I failed that I wouldnt be suitable for surgery but with my cancer being on the outside of my lung it was easy to get to and I had cancer in 7 out of 20 lymph nodes taken at the time of surgery and the reason chemo followed and now opdivo immunotherepy to keep the nodes under control ...which it is so I hope your husbands treatment works for him too ..
  12. What treatment is she receiving? Congratulations on the wonderful results!
  13. Thank you all for your words on your journeys and please keep us in your prayers. I will keep you all in mine. I don't know why my husband's cancer is inoperable. I know he has 5 lymph nodes that are malignant and a carcinoma in the upper st lung.
  14. My husband has 5 lymph nodes that are maglinant. They are going to do radiation on them. Three are on the same side as the carcinoma upper right lung and one in the subclavian area and one in neck I believe. GOD bless you.
  15. Awesome news Lou. Prayers on board. GOD bless.
  16. Is anyone familiar with CIMAvax? Developed in Cuba for NSCLC. Curious, because I am Cuban. Seems I heard something about this years ago on the news.
  17. Saw the Oncologist today for my moms bloodwork and results of yesterday’s pet scan. Pet scan shows main lung tumor has shrunk from 3.7 cm x 3.0 cm to 2.9 cm x 1.8 cm, complete resolution of right hilar lymphadenopathy and satellite lesions in right lower lobe have resolved anatomically & metabolically. Treatment is working! This is such good news. She has a renewed sense of optimism that will get her through her treatment next week and the side effects that follow. After that she’ll be on a maintenance dose of Tecentriq. We know it’s not a cure but it buys her more time, time she so desperately wanted. I don’t know what the future will bring but for today I will savor this victory against the beast.
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    I have been using my phone to post but the browser is causing malfunctions so I may have to pull my laptop out of the closet. Thanks Tom. The knowledge that you poccess is really a blessing to me. Upon reading the first post of this thread at this point there is no reason to trust my oncologist yet. As I have said I worked in the path lab in a busy hospital in N. Miami and when it comes to actual samples from a living person I can catch a doctor making mistakes. But I know nothing about radiology and it appears that you do! I can tell you how my oncologist operates when handling what the patient knows. When he visited me the one time in the hospital we had yet to get the results from the needle biopsy. At this point he told me that at this point it could be anything such as a fungal infection. This had me thinking very positively and relieved me of my anxiety. What he didn't tell me was the odds that it could be a benign tumor or malignancy. So in a way I feel like he likes to relieve the patient walking a fine line of false hope. When the biopsy results came in he called me at home and said that the results were inconclusive and that I needed a PET scan. But then he started giving me reasons why I should be positive about the report. I hadn't read the report myself calling the needle biopsy myself which clearly said that it was not cancerous but was consistent with pneumonia. He then started to build me up by listing the common symptoms of LC and telling me that I didn't have any of them. He also told me that sometimes infections show up like masses on the CT scan. This is also true. So I became confused and asked him if he was giving me a good report. For some reason I don't remember his answer. I felt like he should give up oncology and work for President Trump's press secretary. Anyway thanks for the info. I have to go get the dust off of my laptop!
  20. Happy Birthday Susan! I’m glad you are keeping busy.
  21. Low body temp can be caused by a virus. Viruses can also cause muscle ache. How is your blood pressure? This doesn’t sound cancer related to me. Is go to your primary care doctor.
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    Irwin, Pneumonia happens, like other things. Consider walking pneumonia and people who don’t even know they have it!!! When you are feeling antsy, slow deep breaths and try to hum in you head. That will scare those evil, paranoia thoughts away!!! I hope you are better soon.
  23. Irwin, I am not sure your symptoms are from a mass. It does sound possible that you might have a virus that is not connected to a mass. Have you called you doc? Or maybe if you can’t get in to see him, go to an urgent care?. Be sure to drink liquids and eat well if you can. Hope you are better soon. Bless you
  24. Hi Barb, not gaining weight but losing 1+ lb. within a week ... not very hungry for a few days after. When I lose weight I have some non-dairy ice cream, more ghee and get the weight back. Sleep with difficult for me too. enjoy your weekend
  25. I think that I have symptoms. Last month I was in the hospital with pneumonia which is when my mass was discovered. But the pneumonia got better last month and I have not had any symptoms after that. But for the last 2 days I felt like I had a virus coming on. The symptoms were so slight that I ignored them and didn't consider them as even important enough to think about. But in the middle of the night I woke up and the symptoms I was having were intensified times 10. My muscles we're all aching and I have been sleeping all morning feeling like I have a full blown virus. And here is the weird part. I feel like I have a fever. But when I take my temperature I am getting readings that are low instead of high. I have been getting readings near 96. Do these sound like symptoms from my mass. Has anyone else had symptoms similar to this. I am not on any treatment yet because I am in the process of getting my definitive diagnosis.
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