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  2. I have two daughters as well and I wondered about telling them about my situation, but my wife told me that they'd be pretty angry to have to hear about it later so I did share with them. In my case, while it was a shock to them, they're very supportive and I find that very comforting. Each family is different, so you need to decide for yours, but their strength may surprised you. Lou
  3. Isabelle that’s a terrible way to treat any patient and yes I would push for another doctor. I’m not a doctor but have to wonder way she was so upset you were waiting a couple of weeks. Did she say? It all seems so harsh. Enjoy your trip and based on my experience nothing moves quick when it comes to testing, results and treatment.
  4. My first interaction with the pulmonologist did not go well at all. She was very aggressive, kept referring to “your cancer”. I have only had one CT and no biopsy yet. She was very annoyed that I wanted to put off the biopsy for a week or two for a trip to Europe, told me I would probably be dead by November (granddaughter’s wedding), if I don’t die on the trip from a blood clot. As an RN, I felt she was completely off the wall and disrespectful. I have asked to be assigned to another pulmonologist. I never have and would never address a patient as she has addressed me. Thanks.
  5. My husband and I fellow cruisers and for us it’s just being on the ship. I’d love to to a transatlantic cruise one day. We missed cruising last year with the cancer stuff but won’t miss again. Have fun and enjoy!!🛳
  6. Thanks all, Lou T prayers most welcome. Wondering if anyone here chose to keep this information very private, not shared with children. One of my daughters has been through so much in her life, Katrina took her home, multiple near death accidents. This has been a time of joy, as her daughter is getting married in November. I don’t want this health information out there, because I know she will be devastated. I know my older daughter will be hurt by this also. This is the hard part, not having anyone to talk to, except God. Thanks
  7. Green Tea.....I don't know how it works...but, nothing works better for the lungs after a lobectomy...I've had two...and each time...it was Green Tea that was my miracle...The real stuff … if you have an Asian Store close by....can't hurt to try it. Cheers ! …..and just to let you know...it does get better !
  8. Thinking about you....you can private message if you like....xo

  9. Hooray Renee! Thanks for advocating with our lawmakers and thanks for being a thriving cancer warrior! Glad to hear Keytruda has kept your lung cancer at bay, it has helped so many people, including my mom. Happy you have found us! Take Care, Steff
  10. Thank you for the advice @Rower Michelle My mother is a fellow tree hugger. I’m all set up with oils and spraying Thieves in the back of my throat.
  11. Hi Curt- Wow- given the odds I’m surprised you made it this far without the creeping crud. At the risk of sounding like a tree hugging hippie- you might want to consider diffusing essential oils at night. DoTerra makes something called On Guard. We added some Frankensence with orange oil in the evening. My cousin also uses this with reported good results. We have a nurse at the clinic that runs classes which she believes is vital for the immune system. Either that or a simple humidifier will help plus lots of green tea. Get well soon!! Michelle
  12. Hi Isabelle. Welcome to the group. Like you, I I'm just beginning my journey with LC and I can tell you that you'll find super support, knowledge and experience here from a great group of folks. I'll keep an eye out for your results and my prayers are with you. Lou
  13. What a story Renee. Welcome to the group. Great folks here.
  14. Hi Isabelle 49 and welcome. Keep us posted and let us know how we can support you. BridgetO
  15. Yay Tom, I’m with you sweets I am a traveling fool and nothing is going to stop that. This is an exciting trip. Hope you have a blast and keep us posted.
  16. It sure isn't offensive to me, thanks. I pray for the folks I've met here as well. Lou
  17. Hoping this is not offensive to anyone, but for LouT: I will keep you in my prayers.
  18. How wonderful. I wish you continued success with good health!!!
  19. I’m Isabelle 49. New here. Had a screening CT a week ago and found large mass in right middle lobe and one nodule in left lower lobe. Been a smoker for over 50 years. Traveling overseas at the end of the week and will wait to have biopsies done until we return.
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  21. Renee, Welcome indeed! Good job advocating for lung cancer research! Most happy to learn Keytruda is winning the battle. Stay the course. Tom
  22. We are "locked and loaded" for our fifth Transatlantic cruise since I was diagnosed with lung cancer. This Sunday, we depart from Ft. Lauderdale and fifteen leisurely pamper-filled days later, arrive in Southampton, England. Along the voyage, we'll visit Bermuda (a first), the Azores (an other first), Lisbon (been there), Bilbao, Spain (a first), and Le Harve, France (been there). And best of all -- no jet lag! We are serious cruisers and are thrilled to cross the pond in a brand new ship (Celebrity Edge christened in Dec 2018). Once we arrive in Southampton, we'll pick up a rent-a-car and proceed to get lost driving on the wrong side of the road as we explore England's picturesque Cotswalds region. We really do love getting lost in countries where we can almost understand the language! Then, after a week of land touring, we fly back home to usher in our summer. Vacations are important for everyone; they are vital for lung cancer survivors. I find I need about 7 days of state change that removes me from day-to-day life and stress. On the eight day, I float in a mental sea of serenity and on this trip, I do hope for calm seas throughout our voyage. Stay the course...we will! Tom
  23. Curt, Musinex is a good approach and I use it also. I'm very happy to learn that coughing is not painful. Stay the course. Tom
  24. welcome Renee! Awesome story Please keep adcocating for us and keep posting here. Bridget O
  25. Rock on my fellow mutant! Welcome!
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