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  1. My vote was no, but I wanted to qualify that with change its hard in the beggining, and once I get used to it, I'm sure I will adjust and like it. So ask again in a month. Thanks for all the work you do to keep this site going. Bo
  2. Chuck Barris, gong show. Its interesting to note that those with money/connection and means to get all the latest, don't appear to survive any longer than those without. At first a down thought but then most of us don't have all that and that means were still in it, so,,,, Bo
  3. I am also going to ask this Q in the experts but I also want to hear from those who deal with it, for “natural” approaches. I’ve talked several times about the veins sclerosing. Pretty much from my nurses. I’ve only been told that once they sclcerose, that’s it. That won’t work. Although I have had a fair response already. Anyone heard of a way to clear out the veins, other than overall diet. I look at the sclerosed veins as a pipe that has become corroded. I’m not sure I would care to take medication to clear the veins, if there is such a thing, as I believe too much medicine is not a good thing but,,,, Anyway any thoughts. Bo As for my arm hurting when I put it over my head I was told "don't do that". It worked.
  4. Hey T Ann, I got one of those, same age too. He doesn’t know how to handle it either but it’s the subtleties that are telling. He hasn’t given me **** once since diagnosis. And that is hard for those that "It's ALL about him". It is all about them. You have a nice looking boy, mr. cool breeze. Very touching thing to read. You must be a good mother. Bo
  5. FYI, The report for my comparative Xray, stated, new bone growth due to focally directed radiation. I had no radiation. So they, some, may be able to distinguish between new or old but not necessarily why or how. At least in this case.
  6. As for determining old V new. Again, I am assuming the old mets healed and the healing look is marked as opposed to old look, cancer look and healing look. Anyway.
  7. Bill, Not sure if my response will be helpful to your specific question but I will respond based on my X rays. Basically it comes down to comparing X-rays. Not very scientific but a pic is worth a thousand words. My X-rays of my tumor were obvious then the comparative were obvious. If the mets come back I have no doubt I will be able to see the differences and decipher if there is new mets. I am assuming the old mets are not active and have “healed”. None of my thoughts came from a qualified source, I’m just grabbing. One thing is, I’m sure different bone areas are easier to read, as may be the case with my arm as opposed to spinal areas. Bo
  8. Ok this is the third time I have commented on this subject. This is only to you, Just a Kid, none of my response has been stirred up from another comment or is directed at another. I see nothing but good coming from your worry, worry often helps guide us, obviously, even if, if, if, the smoking caused, or triggered the lung cancer you can not accept blame, in a negative way. I applauded you for thinking. about it. I accepted the responsibility that maybe my lack of healthy habits could, could, could have contributed. And I never once beat myself up over it. I did make changes based on those possibilities, one change was I stopped using chewing tobacco, like your change of stopping smoking. I have all those feelings about my son. He called matches “cigarette starters” as a young boy. He now smokes? And my thought is the mood about cigarettes helped him develop his habit or the fact that he watch his mother and I. He now watches a different person, he sees the change that will and hopefully settle in steer him in a positive direction. The legacy will leave your children. is of you walking in the hospital and trying to make a positive action. They will see your worry about past mistakes, Those things override mistakes. Anyhoo, I have to go I have some more mistake to make. Bo
  9. When I first started treatment my Onc and the nurses said the chemo should help the hip and other met pain, I have made the assumption all along that the reason my pain went away was due to Zometa, as I have heard others comment to this. Maybe it was the chemo, I can only say for sure that the pain went away, blessedly. When I had comparative X rays of the bone mets the report talked how the focally directed radiation did the trick. I had no radiation, they assumed as well. As with all else in this, there often is no rhyme, reason or logic as to why. Do X rays show a worsening of the bone? Good luck Bo
  10. Hey everyone thanks for the responses, definitely helpful and the opposite of what I was expecting to be the responses.. Adeno, and thanks for all the help Dr. Joe. Bo
  11. Depending on new scans my doctor has suggested either Traveca or Irrisa. Based on what I have read here most don’t seem to care for it. My understanding is Irrisa has been shown to not increase survival. I am assuming Traveca/Irrisa are basically the same type of drug??. If there is no increase of survival, it’s a done deal I won’t use it. Any one hear of the latest info on there value. I’m not necessarily worried about the side effects. Any thoughts are appreciated Thanks Bo
  12. Always interested in helpful stuff. Its on order. Thanks Bo
  13. I am somewhat on the same track as you Lisa. When I first started reading about high sugar stuff, a lot of what I read indicated that high sugar fruits were not a good thing, ( in the realm of sugar feeds cancer and high glucose thoughts). I have commented on having high glucose a while back and to further that comment I started testing myself in the evening after I ate my fruits and veggies to see if my glucose spiked. I can eat two of the sugeriest cantaloupes along with a mango or two and can’t even find a bump in my blood sugar. That could very well be due to exercise, but,,, In addition, I have found that if I eat “normal” foods, bread, even wheat bread, or whole wheat pasta, for a day or two my glucose is up in the am for several days following, then when I eat only f/V after about three days the glucose numbers are back down. There are so many factors that affect this kind of stuff that it is difficult to follow and trust.. But in the realm of controlling and working towards an end, its all good. Bo
  14. Hey Vin, I don't know about the last tear but someone posted this url http://crossingthecreek.com/ a while back. It is a very informative write on the dying process, and a comforting read. This fellow could probalbly answer your question. Bo
  15. Cathy R. I, as probably many here, have looked high and low for a legit site such as this. For me it has taken 9 months to see such an optimistic approach that appears to be legit. Thanks for sharing up. Bo
  16. Hey Andrea, I agree with your comments. I would like to further that with, when folks come for their particular need it sometimes clashes with a needs of another. Its that way in real life too but in real life we get that sense and don’t necessarily associate with others that don’t share our personal ways. Here its more difficult to sense and our comments become offensive as opposed to real life when our comments are tempered with syntax, gestures and such or not. When posting its very time consuming to lay out subtleties and we think that some things are a given.and quickly learn that we don’t really know the others or necessarily want to depending on our needs. Dr Joe’s need was to pass information as that is what he does. For me this board is information for my fight I get my support in other areas. And when I disagree with another’s opinion it takes away from my need and digresses the thread. And I will say that at this point I am not going to involve myself as much in threads because it is too stressful. I will comment and answer but not discuss. That being said we all have a need and this is the best place to have it met. I hope it doesn’t crumble like so many good things do when they become large. Further more, biting tongue,,, Bo
  17. John, Do you know of the “dawn effect”. Where the body spikes itself with glucose in the AM for starting needs. I understand the flip side to the glucose question and accept that sometimes we retrofit our own answers for our questions with what we want. I agree lower glycemic choices is a moderation that is a good choice. Six months before diagnosis my blood sugar was up, (180)(never been there before and I had no diet change to aid that number) for how long I don’t know, however it stayed in that range until I went to fruit and veggies in July. I test each morning and there is a correlation to feeling stiff and sore, a general feeling of well being and with my glucose level. I’ve read a little about a round robin of sorts with cancer feeding, glucose, lactic acid, liver, and back to glucose, something like that. I’m not explaining myself well at all here but my point is there seems to be something to all this. I mean it really needs to be filtered and qualified but maybe condensing and concentrating the best part, (sugar stuff) is not a good thing. The body in normal day to day doesn’t need the concentrate, maybe it doesn’t know how to healthily utilize an overabundance. . I agree with the drinking of water. I never really drank water before, fluids came from other stuff, coffee, milk juice or nothing. I now make it a point to drink water only for fluid sakes. I subscribe to the thought that chlorine is a bad thing so all my water comes from springs or wells. Obviously chlorine is good and needed for a mass water system but anything the body ingest that isn’t natural the immune system must fight and any fight that isn’t going toward the cancer is unnecessary for me at this point. If I were real serious I would shower outside with the hose so I wouldn’t breath in the chlorinated steam in the shower, I haven’t got there yet, so. Many people have subscribed to much of what is talked about on this board and haven’t faired well but I look at it as I dodged so many bullets during my life that now I want fewer bullets flying at me. I finished my F&V last night and put four pieces of chicken in the microwave, came back from the TV room, sat at the computer and did nothing more that smell the chicken, I’m so proud of myself. Bo
  18. Kim, Its tough, what I do, since I know how easy I can BS myself right into eating for taste is accept the thought that nothing is healthier than natural all else can be argued. All fruits and veggies I assume are natural and the cave folks designed our bodies and digestive systems through the millennia The garden of Eden didn’t have a bottle of olive oil or jar of cashews so I choose to consider them non natural even though they come from natural sources and darn good stuff I’ll admit. I don’t believe a marketer or study one that says they are healthy for you, they are better, in place of a poke in the eye or a Big Mac, but designed and marketed for taste and satisfaction in mind, not health. Since diagnosis I have come to look at things differently. Just my thoughts on the subject. Anytime something not processed is passed in favor of a piece of fruit adds tens minutes to your life, I think. Bo
  19. Hey Folks, Another thing I do that I think is helpful, is balance. It’s a hard one but one that has helped me stay on track with my fight. Whatever it is, if I get too one-sided, food, rest, exercise, anger, idleness, staying up late, sleeping late, computer time, anything, I tell myself I need to be moderate. I have one goal today and that is to work at feeling good tomorrow. I don’t need the demons creeping in while trying to fall asleep at midnight so I get up at 5, it works for me. My world is geared toward one thing, surviving, all else left on 4/13/04. A sunny day is better than a huge pasta dinner, OK its close. Initially I went with a moderate amount of coffee, now I’m working at getting back to, a cup in the morning. Bo
  20. Hey Lisa, I went to nothing but uncooked fruits and vegetables in late July, and it has made a huge difference for me. Haven’t had a sugary thing in 6 months. I would suggest that you might try to build in a little carelessness, it helps keep me on track. I have certain foods I now eat for taste. And I have gotten a little off,as well from F&V/U three or four nights and then stuff to F&V/U every other night. My glucose tells me get back on track. Survival shoves me to the track. I subscribe to that school of thought. As I was learning about cancer this thought kept coming up in subtle ways but not from the mainstream. I initially was brought to F&V/U and no sugar through another venue. What clenched it for me was the following. As for energy, (considering a lack of traditional foods). I remain outside in 40 degree temp, for three hours with out a shirt or hat, (bald) and my shell gets cold but the insides are fine, all that heat comes from fruit, so I’m comfortable that I’m not lacking, as blood and such attest to. I’m like a wind up typewriter with this stuff. I hope to get suggestion from others, it all helps. Bo
  21. Hey Lisa, That’s a great thought for a post. I’ve got bunches of thoughts that I will start adding bit by bit. First and foremost, for me, I had to have the will and want to survive, sounds odd that one would have to find such an inherent thing, but,,,. My wife wanted me to hang around and initially that is what primed me for the fight, and also its what keeps me in the fight. I selfishly felt that dying would be the easy way out and I owe it to my wife and family to stay in the game as long as possible. it’s a powerful incentive, so bring it on. This gives me the power to discipline myself for the rest of it. So what ever I do, it all comes back to loved one. This is qualified with much and I do want to share up what has helped me though going at it slow is probably best. I believe there is something to this sugar thing, though its hard for me to follow and understand all that’s involved, in any case I don't utilize much besides fruits and vegatables uncooked any longer. Bo
  22. I have been cause I was excercising in the heart unit with my monitor on! Imagine what it does for those watching you, it can be done. Hang in there on the exercise thing it gets easier and it pays off That is the kind of support I need. Keep up the fight. Thanks Bo .
  23. Thanks all for the responses. There never is an easy solution. By the responses and what my Onc said I think I’ll opt for the CT. I was initially thinking the PET would indicate more and maybe it would but considering the first 2 didn’t show any other sites maybe I’ll wait for that one and concentrate on the lung thing Yea Fay, my nurses talk up the port a cath beneath the skin on the chest, and the Onc defers to the nurses for their opinion, they think they are worthy of having. It seems crazy to worry about minor discomfort in the face of it all but who knows. I have not talk to anyone who has a port a cath that is bothered that they got one. They are all glad they did. I won’t get scans for another month I think I wait to decide by the scan. That is if my primary sets me up, I asked him to a month ago and have heard nothing. Yea Frank it’s a digging thing followed by sorry, sorry. Oh well they do their best. As you said there is a flip side and I’m darn glad there is. Bo
  24. Does anyone have a preference for an all inclusive scan. I prefer a PET. It seems that they all leave something out so you must get a few different to be conclusive in all areas. I see my Onc today and we are going to discuss new scans. My arm veins are beginning to have trouble. Also does anyone have any thoughts on port a caths. Thanks Bo
  25. Recently my voice has become raspy. Not constantly just every once in a while, no pain or other symptoms, nothing out of the norm to possibly have created it With the lymph nodes in my bronchial area affected I’m concerned this could be cancer connected. I know others who have cancer and their voices are raspy. Does the bronchial tubes affect the voice or is it the Esophagus Thanks Bo
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