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New nodule


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Doctors appointment was Friday. I have a new nodule in my good lung. It is too small to do anything yet. I will have another scan in two months and see what it looks like then. The doctor said I should start walking a lot to build up my lungs. I'm not sure how much walking I can do since my knees are shot but I will certainly try. Sounds like surgery and Chemo to me. I am really bummed out.

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Hey, Marie,

Sorry to hear about this new nodule. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it either disappears completely by the time of your next scan, or it turns out to be a truly benign spot.

I know you're discouraged, and I wish I knew how to take that sadness away from you. All I can do is pray and let you know I care.

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If your knees are bad, you can still get some pretty good benefit from walking, by being _really_ careful ablout form.. keep your heel high, and when it hits the ground roll your ankle to minimize the impact.

If that doesn't work, try a gym with stationary cycles, ski machines, or elliptical trainers. All of those offer all of the cardio benefits of walking without impact to the knees.

Good luck,


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