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Taken off Iressa for 9 days


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Hey family,

Well, I had an allergic reaction to Iressa which has prompted my onc. to take me off of it for 9 days. Then he will try to put me back on it by having me take it every other day for a week or so. In addition to a very bad rash on my face (basically raw skin), my face swelled up particularly my eyes. My neck and chin were also very swollen (fluid). I gained 6 lbs in 1 week. Lovely, huh?

I am getting a little scared now because I have always thought of Iressa as being the end of the line. I have unsuccessful with Cisplatin and Taxotere chemos. Is there any other treatments? Has anyone else not been able to take Iressa that was offered another treatment? I just found out that my cancer which is NSCL adneocarcinoma is also with BAC features. It started in the left lung, but I have multiple nodules in the right lung now, too along with 2 enlarged lymph nodes in the mediastinal area. Any positive stories would be a big help now.

It's my birthday this Sunday and I'm so happy to celebrate another year, but at 54 I don't want this to be my last one. I'm much more scared than I've let my family (biological members) know about.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice.


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Hi Cathy

Glad to hear that those nasty side-effects are going away - I hope that you will be able to tolerate the reduced dose when the Onc starts it again.

I don't know too much about third-line treatments as we are not there yet. Perhaps Oncodoc can help us out on this one??

Have you considered participating in any clinical trials?

Keep us posted


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Due to senior brainitis I can't remember who, but I know that there are people here who didn't respond to Iressa and went on to other treatments. I am sure they will post and let you know.

But then again, starting Iressa slowly and letting your body get used to it may be the answer. Hope it goes well for you.

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Hi Cathy,

Sorry to hear your having problems with Iressa. I was on Iressa and had great success and then it just stopped completely. My understanding of Iressa is it is used as a maintenance treatment. That there are still other drugs to try. Right now I’m on Navelbine. My doctor and I discussed if the Navelbine did not work I could try Alimta or Tarceva (which I believe is in trial) next. I have Bac, which is slow in developing also. I tried Taxol before Iressa and had very good success. I know it’s hard but don’t get discouraged. For piece of mind ask your doctor what other options you have. Whenever I talk with my doctor about a treatment I also ask if it does not work what other options do I have so I know. There are people in my support group with the same problem, either Iressa did not work stopped working or they had problems with it and had to try something else. There's always hope. Hope this helps. Praying for you for the best of results. Peace, take care and God bless.


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Sorry you had such a hard time with Iressa...hoping the docs can reintroduce it with no problems. I have known a few folks who were taken off Iressa due to severe side effects for up to 14 days, then restarted on the drug with less severe effects (me being one of them). But I did not have the kind of swelling you describe, just what I liked to call a face that looked like a "pound of ground round". :roll:

There are other drugs out there for those of us who have Adeno with BAC to try.

Contact UCDavis and speak with George at (916)734-8195 about the Clinical Trial investigating GVAX in patients with Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma (which includes those of us who have Adeno with BAC features).

There are several trials out there right now looking into drug and drug combos for taxane resistant tumors.

Hang in there, Cathyr.

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When my doctor put me on Iressa, the first thing I said to him was that I was scared this was my "last" option. He immediately said, "absolutely not!" "I have many other options, but we will cross that road when we get to it. I have already researched, (alot on this board), and when Iressa stops working for me, I will talk to him about Alitma, if he thinks I have to go back on chemo. It seems to work for alot of people and has less side effects, which I'm all for! Also, I think Jimben says it's only a 30 minute IV drip. Not too bad.

Don't be discouraged, there are many trials and options out there. Talk w/your doctor and do some research. Keep your faith and I hope the reduced dosage of Iressa does the trick for you!


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Happy Birthday! Cheers to many more too.

Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction to Iressa. I am currently taking it on a trial and have experienced the rash pretty badlly but not the swelling. Hopefully the half dose will work for you - if not, there are definetely more drugs out there for you to try. Don't lose hope -


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