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Positive thoughts, please!!!


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Hi All

We haven't been posting much lately for a variety of reasons, but were hoping to call on you for some positive energy as our Mum has a CT scan on Friday. As some of you may recall, Mum has been participating in a clinical trial, and this scan will determine whether it has been effective.

As usual, we are feeling very frightened and anxious, and need as many good thoughts as you can muster!!

Should have the results by Tuesday, and will let you know how things turn out. Look for our post in the Good News forum!!

Many thanks in advance for all your support. It is invaluable.


Karen and Jana

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Karen and Jana,

I will most definitely think positive thoughts for your Mum, but unfortunately I don't have any "woo woo". If I did, I would send that, too. I guess I'll have to go to Michigan and borrow some from Ry.

You didn't ask for prayer, but please know that I will be doing that, too!

Love and hugs to your Mum and to you both,


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Thanks everyone, for your good wishes and prayers. Peggy, we don't usually ask for prayers as we are not a religious family, and it seems hypocritical to request prayers simply because we are in a desperate situation. However, if those among you who are religious are willing to offer up some prayers on our behalf, we are eternally grateful :D .

Scan is done, now we have the agonizing wait until Tuesday for the results.

Again, many thanks, and will let you know the outcome.

Love Karen and Jana

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