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Thanks for all your help


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Welcome and I am so glad you spoke up. This is a great, wonderful place to come and hide,or even get out in the open. That atleast makes it more personal. You will find alot of loving, caring and knowledgable people on here. People who dont mind opening their hearts and sharing the good and the bad, so that we all may somehow benefit.

I hope too see you here often and again welcome


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Thanks for posting!! I hope you stick around and keep joining in, we need new members to keep going!!! Even if you don't post in the future, its nice to know you are out there...

Welcome "officially"!! :D

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Hi Kevin and WELCOME!

Don't be a stranger. We don't bite. Well, except for maybe Frank. If you read Just for Laughs, you'll see that Elaine claims that Frank does a lot of things he shouldn't! LOL! Just kidding, of course. Frank is #1 in my book.

Seriously, we are so happy when new members speak up. It gives us somebody else to talk to, give hope to, and also somebody else to give us tips and hope, so please don't be a stranger and stay in touch.

God bless you,


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Welcome Kevin,

You will indeed find a great group of supporters here who have been down this bumpy road. I come here often to learn from others and I am moved by all the generous support, compassion, education, insight and humor that is offered. Are you Northern or Southern California?


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