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I'm the Guinea Pig


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Went to my onc today and she was extatic about a small groth in my tumor but no spreading.....this was just enough so no more Navelbine and I can be her first patient to be on TarcevaShe said she had to find out how to prescribe it and will calll my insurance company to get it approved then need to get my pharmacy to order it as they surely won't have it in stock.Hopefully I will get the pills by next Thursday.

I am also very excited about the posibililities that have become available in the last two years.

Here's to hoping for the best!!!!

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Guy -

Saw your post, I start Tarceva on Monday (once the pharmacy gets it in, they had to order it). Guess it's not something they stocked up on once it was released. :D

Here's to us being guinea pigs and to our success, it's going to work out great! :D

Keep us posted how you do on it, we can compare notes!

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As of Wednesday I started taking the Tarceva....150mg once a day.Another very expencieve drug. How do these people get away with this.$2400.00 for 30 pills.I thought when a few of them hit the market it would drive the price down but it seems to be the reverse.

No adverse reactions yet but still very early.Wishing everyone health and happiness for the holidays, they all seem a little more special these days!!! :shock::shock::shock:

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