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Update on Bob..


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Good morning my dear friends! Wanted to check on all of you and give an update on Bob.

He has finished 3 weeks of radiation to L4, and is on Lupron for the prostate. Sees the medical and radiation oncologists both first part of January.

His pain is much less right now, just kind of a shadow of what it was, but he has lost a bit of weight and is very worn out.

All in all though he is feeling much better because of the pain reduction.

I am hoping Jo and Bob will have a little rest before they deal with much more. He is scheduled sometime in the next week or so for a ct of his kidney, there is a new spot there.

Prayers for you all, and thanking God for Bob's respite from pain!



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Glad Bob's pain is not as bad. Thank God for that. I have spots on my Kineys. I haven't had them biopsied, but there are 7 total. They aren't causing trouple and have not grown in size or nuimber. My doctor thinks they may be cysts. Who knows, but the lungs are 1st priority and probably not treated unledd a problem does develop. Tell Bob good look on the CT though.


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So good to hear from you! I remember that Bob and my Dad started radiation to the spine right at the same time. Dad had his last treatment on Friday. We thought we were finished with radiation for a while, but nooooooooo, Dad had some pesky brain mets to show up on his CT. So on the last day of his radiation to the spine, he had his first whole brain radiation treatment.

Glad to hear that Bob's pain was pretty much taken care of. The radiation to the spine did it for Dad also. He went from taking Oxycontin 40mg twice daily with Lortab 7.5 four or five times a day, to taking only Lortab 7.5 about four times a day. Much better now.

Wishing Bob, Jo and your family the best. How honored Bob and Jo must be to have such a caring friend. If we don't "see" you again before Christmas........MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Gosh, brilliant minds just think alike, huh? I, too, was just thinking about you yesterday. I noticed you haven't posted much and wondered how Bob was doing. I'm glad you reported in and sooooo glad the pain his better. Those radiation treatments are a God-send for that horrible pain. I know how much it helped my husband with his shoulder pain. He literally walked around with his arm tight to his side and holding it close. He would wince with pain even to get up out of the chair - and that was with steady Percocet and ibuprofen. The radiation took 7 or 8 treatments before he felt relief, but he has been pretty much pain free ever since (just a few twinges here and there).

So glad he's better and glad they both get a chance to rest.



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Dear Nell,

Glad to hear that the pain is less -- what a godsend! Let us know how he does on the CT -- hope those spots turn out to be little nuisances and nothing more. And I hope that he feels a lot more hopeful now that he's getting the proper treatment and seeing some results.


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