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SNOW!!! Blankety-blank-blank


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Oh no! The smiles are fading. They have just upgraded are snow warning to 7-13" of blowing, drifting snow - 25-30 mph winds. Starts late tonight thru Thurs. morning.

I'm so scared driving on bad roads and gets worse the older I get. I'm the b*@*h that you all cuss when you are behind me on the road. Please forgive me. I pull over to get out of your way if I can.

Oh, I just hate this! At least our son is enjoying 70-75 degrees in sunny Arizona and I don't have to worry about him doing donuts and smashing into something. LOL!

Sigh . . . . .


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Oh, Peggy, stop whining. At least it's WARM ENOUGH to snow where you are! Our high today is supposed to be 13, but it's in the negatives this morning...LOL...oh, if ONLY it would get up to the high 20s and snow! (Then again, I'm taking tomorrow off if at all possible...going out in the snow will not be a necessity.)

I would LOVE to get that much snow all at once! Maybe not the blowing part, but the snow....packing snow so I can whoop my boy's butt with snowballs! (I'd have to get up real early and hide a stash of 'em cuz he can make 'em so fast and I can't, but I'd get him...planned ambush...hehehehe...oh yeah, snow would be GREAT!)

Stay safe, follow the plow to work! :wink:

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Yep snow would be great. Why is it that those who get snow hate it and those like me who never see it, want to so bad. Im so envious!!! Its going to get colder here about 25 tonight, and the rain is coming, but the snow FLURRIES they are calling for are still about 75 miles north of me. You just dont get much snow in east texas. Ice on occasion, now thats fun throwing ice balls, and driving or should i say sliding. We Texans for sure cannot drive in ice or snow, so we just cancel school and hibernate.

Enjoy it if you can, im sure its beautiful.

Merry CHristmas


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We're at 20 and going down to 7 below tomorrow.

The biggest snow so far has stayed to the south and east. I didn't even have one flake - I'm west of Indy, and we have very little in downtown Indy so far. Second wave is going to hit late afternoon and tonight with 30 mph winds. They are closing our office tomorrow (because of the snow and Christmas). YIPPEE!! They have changed our area to 6-10 by tomorrow morning with drifting.

Supposed to be up to 2 feet in southern Indiana. My goodness!

To you southerners: We had some young friends many years ago who transferred here from Alabama. They couldn't wait for the 1st snow, and when we got it, we got a big one. They built snowmen and played in the snow for 2 days. After 5 days, they had enough and wanted to go home. LOL!


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This is the part of life I love, sitting here in a tank top with the front door and all the windows open, wondering if I should put on the AC in order to cool down the house enough to sleep, while I read all the posts from you poor freezing people up North! It is my payback for 7 months of above 90 temperatures!

"I'm dreaming of a GREEN Christmas!!"


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