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PCI - One day at a time. (Day 12) --- LAST DAY!!!!


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YAY!!! It's over!!! Happy dance ... lalala. :D:D:D:D:D:D

As I type, the mask sits next to me looking SO very innocent, and not at all like the instrument of torture it was for 12 treatments! :P People hang moose heads on their walls, so I guess I could hang my own head form on the wall, huh. (NOT an idea the home decorators will grab onto, I'm sure!)

The nice people at the Radiation Oncology treatment place -- I'm so very grateful that they do what they do for all of us. Don't you know that job has to be a bummer now and then, seeing one cancer patient after another? But, they do it, and with smiles on their faces, and caring in their hearts, and they help us immensely. God bless them all.

Last night, my kitties were restless for some reason. Tootsie always wants to sleep on my chest with her butt in my face. :roll: I push her away, she comes back, we repeat that a few times, and she gets mad and jumps down. About the time I'm dozing off, she jumps back on me -- THUD. Owie. We repeat our routine, until the the next time I'm about to doze off and she jumps on me again. THUD. Owie. Finally, she settles elsewhere, and I go to sleep, until 2:30. Button wakes me up by throwing up on my hand. Eeeeuuu. :roll: I have to get up, clean all that up, then go back to bed and finally get some sleep. I'm pumped this morning though, because it's the LAST treatment!

Rad. Onc. says I'm good to go with him, and no need to follow with him unless I need to, or if one of the other docs thinks I need to, but no real reason to. I told him, no offense, but I didn't want to be coming back there at all, unless just to visit!

Hair is still in place for some reason, and he says that it may stay put if it hasn't already started coming out by now, but the next few days will tell that story. I have a slight rash just above my left eye that is a little itchy, but I've been keeping moisturizer on it and it doesn't bother me. Other than that and being sleepy this morning, I'm good to go.

It occurs to me that I'm finally done with the "standard" treatment, and have done all I can do to increase my survival odds. When Schmaydee asked the other day if there were long term survivors out there, I thought of Lance Armstrong. When they diagnosed his cancer, it was advanced testicular cancer that had spread to his abdomen, liver, lung, and brain. Wow. He did ok for himself, huh. I hope I can do as well, without the extreme bike riding!!

So, anyone out there reading this, I hope you make a well informed decision if it comes to you having to decide whether to have PCI or not. I'm ever grateful to Addie especially, but also to others who so kindly shared their experiences, and to the people new to the forum like sweet Alice and Mouse who are sharing theirs, and to others who may come here, and keep on sharing until someone finally eradicates cancer from the face of the planet.

God bless you all, and I hope each and every one of you have a Merry Christmas!


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Well, here's a toast to the end of the toasting of your brain!!

Thanks for sharing your ODDyssey (intentional misspelling)!

I think you should hang the mask in the gallery. Or give it to an artist who does collages--I've seen some really neat ones with "found" objects.

I wish for you the happiest of holidays and a healthy New Year!

love and fortitude


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Ah......my first good belly laugh of the day....Frank and his "bricks" :lol:

Di....you've done it with grace. And if I helped even a tiny bit by sharing my experience, it was my pleasure....but we all know this treatment stuff can be different for everyone!

I'm stunned that you still have your hair!!!!!! :shock: What a testament to your follicles, girl...that they are hanging in with such aplomb! That is, if follicles can have self-composure. :roll:

I'm so happy it's all over for you. I did go back for a one month follow up to the end of PCI...but actually all I had to ask him about was my sorta sore back, between the shoulder blades...which he said is muscular and leftover from my lung radiation.

PCI has just rendered me bald and slightly forgetful. :roll: Thank God for making lists and notes and little reminders to myself.

Now...Di, your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to go forth and MAKE MERRY in celebration of the end of treatment AND the holiday season.

In fact, that is my wish to all.....to GO FORTH AND MAKE MERRY...whatever it takes to float anyone's particular boat in the merry making department! :D

Di...you've been quite the inspiration and I know many current and future PCIers will be forever grateful for how you've walked us all thru your experience.

Now.....relax and enjoy the season! Love you.....

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Elaine's collage idea sounds pretty spiffy...

I'm a TLC fan and sometimes watch "Clean Sweep" for ideas on how to battle clutter. One of the families had this ugly cast made during cancer radiation and they had a ceremony with a trash can, lighter fluid and a match. The ugly reminder of cancer treatment was placed in the can, along with some newspaper and lighter fluid was liberally added. Words were said about this being a fitting end to that chapter and it was lit on fire...

You have time to decide what you want to do with your device of torture, Di. Hanging from a gallery wall would be nice - and out of your daily sight. Burning the latest visual reminder of your "non-normalness" may be good, too...

Congrats on being finished!


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Hi Di,

To tell you the truth, I am feeling a little melancholy at the end of your treatments. I will miss the daily posts of your experiences with your tx...

Yeah. Aren't the rad techs wonderful? I had unbelievable people helping me. Always a big smile and a bounce in their step. They are getting into heaven first.

I will keep looking for updates on how you are doing. I always like to read your posts.

All the best for hair that stays put..

Cindi o'h

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very cold in Illinois. I didn't go in today. I go bacvk to the facility on Mon. and tues for two more treatments. aaaai have been very weeak and

ill. have falend a lot and ii am unstablr om my feet. dr has reduced

decadron and say that i am being weand and should be weaned soon and

then i will feel better. thank di and i will rtie when i can be more lucid


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I feel better but I still can't write well. I read my sentence and I don't know what I wrote. I am still very tired but I have a caregiver of many tricks so she is my efficient secretary I am feeling a little better weak but my mind is not as weak as I though it would be. Stop all treatment he is afraid to give me more I see again on Jan 24, and I will get a CT scan I stoped Chemo on Nov 03, because CPT11 may me to sick had no more Chemo until they decided to typ PCI. Had 13 PCI .

I am have done and cooperated with everthing they said and I am in the Master Hands

Thanks for your help and comfort.

DX'D SCLC LIMITED May '06, 2003

Chemo ectopside 28 treatment

28 Rad 9 3CPT11 and nothing till I received PCI


Struggling still Thanks to all of you :o:o:o:o

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Hey there, Schmaydee! Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm feeling good -- as of yesterday, REALLY good! Can't believe it. Hair still comes out in little bits unless I wash it, then a good size plug will come out in a tangle - ha! Amazingly with my thin hair to begin with, that it still covers my head. Barely, but it does! Loving this cap though.

Yesterday seemed to be one of those "zowie" days -- as it was on the very day I felt better after the chemo and chest radiation were over. I'd been kinda droopy, and then all of a sudden one day - BOOM -- I felt good! Maybe it was just that the holidays were over and it was back to "normal" today, or something else, I don't know. All I know is that yesterday was a good day!

Hope we have a 2005 full of good days!


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Happy New Year, I think I posted this in the wrong place!

I am so glad to hear that your PCI is Went so well, what a blessing! So glad to hear it.


My mom was completely exhausted! I think that is the "norm"...

I have been here for a while and one time we had a survivor of SCLC come on and I believe that they had been in remission for 20 years. I know it was an extremely long time.

Love and best wishes for a good 2005!


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that's absolutely fantastic....if it hasnt got you yet it isnt going to...i've been sicker than crap...cant eat....throwing up...

went to the onc/doc today...he said either it is the steroids or the stuff is back....(if its the later there will be some hell raised).......

go for a ct wed...find out thurs .......s

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Well, here's hoping it's something easily fixed. If it were me, you know I'd have devoured all the popsicles in Davidson County already!

I really want you to feel better. It isn't realistic to expect to ever be like I was, and I know that, but I just want to have more good days than bad if I can. Not much to ask, huh!

At my house, I do the eating, and my cats do the barfing (fur balls! -- eeuuu! :o )


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I love your pictures!! :lol:

I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! You can't eat at all? Are you sick too? I'm sending positive vibes that you are just having a reaction to the treatments and your body is tired. Post radiation stuff. My Mom got really sick to and theres always that fear of it coming back.

Hang in there! And try to stay positive.

Praying for good health for you for 2005!


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My sister was dxed with sclc in July. Limited stage. She completed her treatments without any problems. The doctors were absolutely stunned at how well she did. Anyway, now she is starting to experience tingling in her body, her hair has fallen out, somewhat, and she has ringing in the ears. None of this occurred during her treatments. Her treatments ended in November. Has anyone experienced this problem and for how long. I know it is from the terribly strong chemo which is laced with platinum but how long with these side effects last.

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