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Update on heart


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Saw my PCP and Oncologist today for follow up from the hospital and Tarceva rash.

My PCP told me that the Cardiologist thinks my racing heart is from treatment, once I get back into shape (like I was ever in shape! :roll: ) they should be able to wean me off the beta blockers. He made me run up a flight of stairs to check my heart rate, oh was that rough, could have passed out from that. After he checked my heart he decided to double the heart meds. He said there was no heart "problems" just a situation that will pass. I can do anything as long as my heart beat stays below 130.

The Oncologist told me to start with 100mg of Tarceva on Monday and keep an eye on the rash, crossing my fingers that horrible rash doesn't return :? .

Lately the board hasn't had a lot of good news :cry: , trying to stay positive, especially with Cindi O's help, next year WILL be better.


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well I tell you, Beth, it works both ways.

You have picked my sorry butt up off the floor with just

the right words to make me have hope too. So there you

are! When I got no "cowboy up" in me, then that is where

you come in as a friend.

We all need that. I am honored that you continue to read my

emails and laugh at my jokes.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Beth

I was going to post tonight looking for you, and here you are...was getting worried since it was a few days since we heard from you last.

I am so glad the docs dont think you have heart troubles, that can be spooky. Good luck on the lower dose Tarceva, and i just know 2005 will be your yr. Things can only go uphill for you now. Keep us posted and as always you are in my prayers.

God Bless you


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Beth: Sounds like good news that your heart is OK. Hang in there kid. Keep the positive attitude. Joking about it helps, I know. I also just found out last week I have a heart problem. They found a blockage during a stress test. Angioplasty to insert a stint scheduled for Jan 14. Hopefully I can get the side effects of Tarceva under control by then. Imodium seems to be helping. Tried the Eucerin cream you suggested and it really soothed the rash. Thanks for the tip. I'm looking at this as just another bump in a ridiculously bumpy road. Can't somebody fix this road? I guess it is up to us. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone of you terrific people. Next year has got to be better.

4/07/04 dxd stage III/IV B NSCLC Adeno Carcinoma with malignant pleural effusion. 3.5cm mass on right lung with psbl mets to left lung.

5/07/04 began chemo gemzar/carbo.

6/11/04 CT some shrinkage

7/23/04 CT Stable

8/27/04 Last Chemo. Three month break

9/03/04 CT Stable

12/02/04 CT Suspicious

12/14/04 Started Iressa

12/22/04 Off Iressa, started Tarceva (Resulting from manufacturer ltr)

This is making an extremely long story, very short

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