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Today Im wearing my shirt that my nephew got for me for the ACS relay for life. I coulndt make it there because I had one of my Chemo treatments that day. But I was Able to raise $1200.00 for it. On the back of the shirt it says SURVIVOR. My nephew said to me "thats you uncle Ray" I replied, "I think it should say SURVIVING because a SURVIVOR is some one who beat this CR@P. Right now I feel Im just SURVIVING. I Pray every day that I can Call myself a SURVIVOR one day.


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Guest bobp


Any of us that is still alive and fighting is a survivor.

Hang in there the chemo is rough sometimes, but it will work if you give it a chance.

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chemo makes you feel worse as time goes on. then one day its not so bad and then later its better , then its good again.

chemo is cumulative. its designed to keep killing at the same strength even though there are fewer and fewer cancer cells to kill. It doesn't know that. its just designed to kill. unfortunately the good cells are getting the brunt now cause thats all thats left.

so i guess you could take it as a positive sign.

well maybe

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Ray, I have a very good friend who founded a local organization of volunteers who were cancer survivors to support other cancer survivors. Her definition of "survivor" was anyone who lived through hearing the diagnosis of cancer. I like that! I know that one doesn't necessarily feel like a survivor unless there has been a period of tranquility from the disease, but, in essence, we all are survivors. I would stake us up against any other group as far as survivor qualities go. Hang in there! Don

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Ray, you ARE a survivor, I liked Dons post-what his friend said about the definition of survivor.

You know, my dad is having a rough time right now, and is in the hospital to have his lung drained of fluid. He said to me that he hopes this works, because he has not been able to do anything-brushing his teeth was a struggle-no energy, his breathing was so labored, and he said to me that right now he feels like he is just 'existing' not living.

My point is, that the chemo will have its side effects, but you will get through it. There will be good days and bad days-but you ARE LIVING with and SURIVING WITH lung cancer. That, my friend, is the important thing. As far as my dad is concerned, until his last breath, he will be surviving lung cancer...thats my story and I'm sticking with it.

I look forward to reading your posts, Ray, and will continue to do so. I may not post a reply all the time, but I DEFINATLY

read them all, and you are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care, my friend...and wear that shirt and be proud!! Deb

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You are a survivor!! Until your last breath! Chemo has it affects not very good ones either! But after you completed all the chemo treatment the side affects do go away & you do feel better!!

I know It has been five weeeks since I have finished taxol & Carbo & I feel Great :D:D Got all my Strenght back & all

Hang in there Ray eat & drink alot!!!!



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Hi Ray,

I've never talked to you, but I have seen your posts. It is bad enough

when they tell you have cancer, but when it comes back, it is really

a jolt. I was also dx12/01 with Stage11 Adenocarcinoma, nsclc, right

lung removed in 1/02. , no treatment to follow. April, 02 spread to

lymph nodes restaged to 1V. The good news is that I got the same

treatment your getting. Starting 5/02 ending 8/28/02. I have been in

remission since. Feel good and glad of it. I too have a positive attitude

because there are always new treatments and medicines being developed.

Good Luck to you and God Bless you,


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