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Looking for answers.


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Hi everyone,

I found this site a few weeks ago and there are so many inspiring stories. I feel like there are so many caring people here, it overjoys my heart.

I am posting because I am looking for answers. I have been having persistent pain for the past 6-7 months. My pain is in my upper right back and occurs when I breath (mostly deep breathing). It radiates to my shoulder blade. I went to the doctor several months ago and he diagnosed me with pleurisy. Well, I was given indocin and after weeks on that medicine, I still have the pain. The pain is definitely worse since all this begun. The worst (awful) is when I lay down (90% of the time I have pain) and less when I am up walking. The only two things that help is massage and hot water baths (heating pads do not).

Now, I have begun feeling like I can feel every beat of my heart. (that probably is stress). The one thing that keeps me going is my Faith in God that I will get an answer to all this.

Hx: I am 35 yr old non-smoker, have worked in a chemical factory, no family hx of cancer.

I did see a pulmonolgist. I wonder about some of the specialists.

He has been no help. He did say pleurisy does not last this long. I had two chest x-rays (negative), and a chest CT (3+months ago) also negative. I am scheduled to get a second opinion.

I am sorry I have dragged this out, but I am searching for answers. Can this be cancer that just hasn't shown it's face yet.

I would love to hear any stories, experiences or advice anyone may have. Are there any tests that can be done to help lead to a diagnosis.

Thank you so much for your help and May God Bless Each of You.

Miche**** :cry:

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Hi Miche and Welcome...

All I can thow in here is my mom was having excruciating pain in the same area you describe and it turned out to be a compression fracture caused by osteoporous (sp?). A minor "surgery" fixed her right up. This was found with a MRI done of her back. While we were trying to find the cause of her pain we were told that if the area can be rubbed and massaged and it feels better, then its most likely a pulled muscle as you really cant massage a bone.

Most definetly though get another opinion, you know you hurt and something is not right, so be persistant. I have found too that most (notice I said most) of the time if you go to the ER, they are very thorough, and usually find the problem. Now this could be because we always say Mom is a cancer patient, but hey whatever works!!

Good luck and keep us posted

God Bless


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Thanks so much for your replies. I am sorry if my message was vague. I guess I just wanted anyone share their thoughts, comments, experiences on the problems I am having. It means so much to have such support. I did have a CT scan of the lungs (3 mths+ ago) and will ask the doctor if I should have another since it has been a while. All I know is with almost every breath I take, I can feel pain. It doesn't seem normal to have lasted for over 6 months.

How accurate are CT scans? Does anyone know?

Again, thanks so much for your support and my prayers are with each of your through your daily lives.

God Bless,


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Pain is an unlikely early symptom of lc. Pain that is effected by heat or massage is definately not a likely early symptom. The pluera could not be massaged, if that makes sense. Sounds like muscle pain.

An MRI of the shoulder area, as Don suggested might be something for your Dr to consider.

Also I think that if you could find a Dr that you could trust, you might feel better about things.

I hope you find an answer, but sometimes answers are not found and it is not an easy thing to deal with: the unknown.

My best to you,


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Miche - My mom was recently diagnosed with LC and she went to the doctor for a cold and then she started having major shoulder and right upper back pain and sure enough it was cancer. Since her treatment has started she has had no pain at all now and is still recieving treatment. Not every case is the same but yes second opionions are always a good idea. Keep us posted and good luck!


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MRI and CT should been done to calm your nerves so you can definitely

fine out the problem. Years ago I had a rib displace and was very painful

when I breathed. Chiropractor fixed me right up. But had all kinds of

test first. He was my last resort. Truely it could be anything. Take care

and will pray that you feel better and get answers.

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