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Recurring Nerve Pain -- can it RE- Recur?


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After surgery (last April) Len's major complaint, after the pain of the actual incision subsided, was the discomfort he felt in the ribcage area, something that was attributed to nerve pain caused by severing of nerves during surgery. It has never completely gone away, but it did subside considerably over the past few months. He had been on neurontin for a while and felt perfectly fine going off that last fall. There were, in fact, days when he felt virtually no discomfort whatsoever.

Over the past week, however, the pain has come back; not, perhaps, as bad as it was in the beginning but still enough to cause him real concern. He's supposed to see the oncologist (after an xray two days before) on Feb. 16, but I've been wondering if we shouldn't call him before that. Len, of course, doesn't want to but I know he's convinced that the cancer is rearing up again. If it continues to intensify, I'm going to insist that we call him, if only for some reassurance (or, if he says to, for an earlier appointment).

Have others had the same sort of experience? I'd love to know whether I should really be worrying about this or if it's par for the course.


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Dear Ellen,

I would make the phone call only because you need to always be safe.

And as for nerve pain my answer to that is, forever and ever Amen! :roll: Soon to be 10 years I had my surgery, I still have nerve pain now and then, as do some others I know that had lung surgery.

But, go and make that phone call anyway. You know your going to feel ton's better once you do! ((((ELLEN)))))



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I had surgery in February of 2003. In September/October of 2003 I started getting all kinds of zinging pains in my right breast/right side. (9 months out of surgery) Turned out to be some nerve endings rejenerating. Of course, I confirmed this with a CT Scan and a visit to the surgeon.

I would recommend a call to the doc as well, but hope it turns out to be nothing but some pesky nerves doing their thing in there, trying to heal themselves!!!

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Ellen, I had surgery in April 2003 and finished radiation & chemo in Jan.

2004 and I still get pain sometimes in the rib area on side of incision.

Probably better to get checked and be safe but I have begun to doubt that it will ever go away for good.

Good luck and I hope it is nothing serious.

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Hi Ellen,

I had surgery 16 months ago and still have rib cage pain. They cut a 4"

section out of my rib. The pain subsides but mine always comes back. Espically if I do physical work w/ and or streching involved. My surgeon

and Onco Dr. say I shouldn't have it but I do. Other people who have had the same surgery say they still hurt. Cutting bone and nerves in my opinion takes a long time to stop hurting. I have had cervical surgery w/ a fusion and they took bone off my hip and that took two yrs. to ago away. My brother-in-law had the same thing and his still bothers him and that has been five yrs. Everyone is soooo different. As for calling the Dr. if it calms your nerves I would, but don't be surprised if he says it shouldn't hurt. Good luck and take care!!!!

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My surgery was more than a year and a half ago, and it's still really exciting when I sneeze. It hurts at the bottom of my rib cage in the front on the side of the surgery. It's like the sneeze is causing the tissue between my ribs to stretch and they don't like that.

While the rest of the pain really is gone after this amount of time, this still hurts about the same as it did right after surgery.

I would certainly have it checked out, but it's not unusual to have pain for a long, long time after such major surgery.

Good luck,


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It has been nine months since my surgery and I still have pain in my ribcage. I tell people that I have made friends with it because it does not seem to be going away. I agrivated it last weekend playing catch with my son trying to get him ready for baseball tryouts. Cutting a rib and using a rib spreader is a pretty invasive procedure. Unfortunatly, I think there is always going to be residual soreness.

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