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My Dad


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Hi! I have never posted on this perticular area before, but my dad passed

in 1999 of Pancreatic cancer. I miss him dearly, but the past several weeks have been extra hard. I am from PA and you football fans out there know the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. My dad loved the game played as a teen and coached for yrs. as a adult. Every game they

won and got closer to there goal made me think and wish he was here to

enjoy the glory. I know he is watching from above and maybe he can put in a few words to the big guy for us. But I much rather he be down

here w/ us to watch the game. Just had to put that in words. Maybe it

will help. GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THE PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HI Ella,

My dad was a hugh Eagles fan, Actually he was a hugh Philadelplhia all sports fan.

One of our hightlights with him was when the Phillies went to the World Series in 1980. He went to the Vet. and stood in line for 8 hours to get 8 tickes for his son, 2 daughters, him, mom and our spouces. He came back really dissapointed because he could only get 4 tickets and it was for the 6 game of the World Series.

So he took his kids. And everything that came down that day, from the weather being perfect, to driving downtown and eating at a great restaurant and finding a great parking space. Unfortunately, our seats were on the last row of the 700 level, but hey we were all together, and we were at the World Series!! :lol:

Then was the game. And what a game. When we won the World Series, and Tug McGraw was jumping up and down, we were completely caught up with the moment. :shock:

But one of the most memorable moments that is still in mine and my siblings, is our dad walking up and down Broad Street, high fiving everyone. It was so amazing. Philly was going bullistics. :mrgreen:

When the Eagles finally won the NFC Championship, I look right up and I blew him a kiss and I know he was as excited as we were. :wink:

I miss my dad so much, but we have wonderful memories.

I heard New England is laughing thinking that this game is going to be a chinch..... but I feel the Eagles will soar. :mrgreen: I mean with the Pats going to their annual SuperBowl, there has to be so many people routing for our Eagles. Last year, they said the same about North Carloina, and that shut them up.

I just love all the hype the city is going through. You can't help but to get caught up in it. I know Donavan will have a great game.

If we win or lose I am proud of them. My hat goes off to Andy Reed for getting them there, and having faith when he picked Donavan over Ricky Williams.... Who is Ricky Williiams..... :roll:

Anyway Ella, I just had to resond to tell you my story. There seems to be quite a bit of Eagles fans on this site.

Take care Ella and of course. E-A-G-L-E-S..... GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!

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I can't add much to the Eagles support. I live in Colts country and am not even a big follower of that! LOL!

Anyway, I am very sorry that you have had a few bad weeks. My dad, too, loved football. Since he couldn't get out an do much with his COPD, I always knew I could find him at home in front of the TV watching a football game. I miss that, too!

Love and hugs,


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Can't say much about those Eagles since we are die hard Giants fans! I can add that cancer and football go hand in hand with my dad. It is what gets him through his surgeries and treatments. WE even snuck a personal tv and vcr into his room at Hopkins so he could watch old games. He was in a drug induced fog but he was watching his beloved Giants. I am sure your dad is up there rooting for his team! TAke heart in all of your wonderful football memories!

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Thanks Frank :D:D I was rooting for the Steelers too

After the win on Sunday, my husband and I gave thought to all those who have gone on and would have loved this.

And so I called my dad, and was grateful that I could. My son is coming home for the weekend to be with his dad (and me too).

Ella, Ginny and all, you know those guys are standing right with you.

Will this week be a blast, or what?


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Certain times of the year and things happening around us will bring our lost loved ones and thoughts of them back full-force. I hope this time of celebrating the EAGLES WIN :wink: ...will bring you comfort in knowing how happy your father is to have the best seats in the house!

Love to you!

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