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Hello Everyone, Just an update on situation. Last week I had the mediastinoscopy and the doctor found sslc and had to stop the resection because he didn't know if it had spread. I went back to Hopkins yesterday for oncologist consultations and got a little scared. My treatment plan is chemotherapy 5 days a weeks and radiation 5 days a week two treatments each day. That sounds that an awful lot of chemo and radiation to me. If anyone has had this much please let me know. The treatment plan is for 6 weeks. I know they know what they are doing but to me this seems so agressive. I have a 4 hour round trip there with 6-8 hrs of treatment each day. Any suggestions on how to work this out with hospital where I could stay at hospital while starting out this agressive, I am so scared. Thanks you all of you for the help.

Love and Prayers,


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Hi Nancy

Hang in there, everything will fall into place, I know right now everything seems overwhelming to you. This treatment does seem to be aggressive, but from what I have learned about lung cancer the more aggresive the treatment the better chance there is for it to work. It seems that doctors give as much chemo and radiation as the patient can handle, depending on age, health, etc....My mom although she has copd she was very healthy, she is 66 and they hit her with the "big uns", and it worked!

It could be the daily chemo is just a lower dose daily than if you were doing it once a week, Could be too that the dr knew radiation is a daily thing (that is very common) and since you are from out of town they were trying to make each trip more beneficial for you.

Most hospitals have a place where family and patients can stay in situations like this. Some are no cost and some are low cost. Check with the hosptial,your dr, american cancer society, etc...There is a wealth of info on the web about this sort of thing, even air transportation if needed.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and someone is almost always here day or night if you get scared, just post and someone will be along before you know it.

Prayers to you


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Nancy, First let me say, how sorry I am that you have to go through this. The treatment sounds aggressive, but that is a good thing and the 6 weeks well, will not seem possible but it will go by quickly, hopefully and you will be over it. I had seven weeks radiation, and looking back it went by quicker than I thought it would. Treatment is scary, I was scared also. I am sure veryone is. I hope you have a good support system. like I did and that all will be well soon. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.....

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Sorry to hear that you have joined this club.

As others have stated, time will go really quickly once your treatments start.

I have non-small cell so I am a little different but I did have chemo and radiation concurrently. Radiation for 6 weeks and chemo from Monday-Friday, came back the following Monday then would have 3 weeks off. My treatment was agressive - but I am still here.

Keep in mind, that I had very little side effects during treatment! I felt pretty good through out. Just make sure that you take the nausea medications.

Good luck as you start the journey. Let us know how you are doing,


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Hi Nancy,

Just to let you know that Iam thinking of you and hope that everything will work out for you.

Ask your doctor what kind of arrangements could be made with the hospital, as far as you staying over. Is anybody going to be going with you??


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