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Needle biopsy on liver


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Anyone had one? How was it? How long did the procedure last? What else can you tell me about it?

I'm scheduled on Tues. for a CT guided needle biopsy on my liver. Making sure these are mets and not a new cancer. Then my onc will decide what to use and I imagine I'll start chemo the week after, at the latest.

My poor stomach, which already wasn't good...is really upset now. I checked with my PCP and he said to take the Ativan. Gonna go take one and head back to bed for a bit till the nausea passes. Doc said some of this is nerves....but some is the cancer too. Once I start chemo, my tummy should feel better. Can't come soon enough.

Ya know...makes me wonder if I'll ever have a full head of hair again. Shoot. It is coming in now and I even bought a new hairbrush! :(

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I don't know about the needle biopsy, but am sending prayers that all goes well. I can relate to the hair, since being diagnosed in April of 03, I've had hair only about 4 months! Still waiting for it to grow back from wbr in October!!!!

Best of luck on your new battle plan. Keep us posted.


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I can't offer you any insider information on liver biopsy...except that you should wear your chicken hat to break the ice anew.

Please know that my prayers are with you and you are heavily on my mind.

I have so much more to learn from you, Master.




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I never had a liver biopsy...so I can't help you there. But my liver enzymes go out of whack sometimes from a med I take for another condition. I always know when my enzymes are skewed cuz my stomach goes haywire and the nausea is pretty constant. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting the liver to function better.....not something as sinister as cancer. Good luck during your tests....

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