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Hello my precious cyber family. Today Bob got a hospital bed, and some new meds and got rid of some old meds.

The hopsice people are truly wonderful. He is not able to walk at all and it is so shocking because exactly a week ago he went up a small flight of stairs to turn his keyboard on for my little grand daughter to play with.

We spent from 10 this morning to 9 or so tonight there and helped move furniture to get the bed space ready, and such, and visited with them.

Laughed and cried of course on and off. It was so funny, because Bob and I were sparring about one of his meds. He didn't want to take it, was the liguid morphine for breakthrough pain, and finally I said

" You are at my mercy, open up" and sick as he was feeling he gets this little smirk on his face and flips me off!!!!!

I swear we all laughed till he was very short of breath. :?

The pain is pretty rough, but the hospice nurses are getting it controlled some finally.

He did not eat a thing today. Was just not up to it he said, and that was hard on all of us.

His daughter is coming in from Cincinnatti tomorrow and staying till Wednesday. That will be good. He adores her, and she is a sweetie.

I know you all say we are these wonderful friends to them, but really and truly, we couldn't do anything different. It's our privilege.

Praying hard for the rough times so many are going through.

Love you all


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So glad Bob's daughter will be there....and also that you continue to be such a huge part of his life, Nell. You say it is your privelege...and I know you mean that. It very much explains just why you ARE so attentive and involved.

Still...it's extremely special....and Bob and Jo are fortunate to have friends like you.

My continued good thoughts are sent Bob's way. I'm so glad he still can find some humor in what is otherwise not the happiest of events. :( Please pass our best along to him and Jo.

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