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dietary restrictions with chemo


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that is pretty funny, Jimben. And, I agree with him, Bruce.

the onc. told me that the most important thing during treatment was to not lose weight. You will probably not feel like cooking a whole lot. If you are self-sufficient, then convenience foods will help.

For me, going to the kitchen was a chore. I guess it is still. But, it has to be done. Try to get in good nutrition. If that is not possible, then eat what you like. But, EAT. And if you can't, then there is the nutitional supplements. You might want to stock up on some now and put them in the fridge for something that will go down easily. They come in all kinds of flavors. Also pedialite helped me to feel better sometimes.

Good luck, Bruce. There are others who are going through chemo right now...maybe they have some good suggestions.

Cindi o'h

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i'm doing carboplatin and gemzar at present. i wasn't given any diet restrictions. i've been eating too much but think i'm indulging myself for personal sympathy or something!!!

i'm only 3 days into this but can only complain at this point about being tired and just not feeling right.

best of luck to you.

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The prevailing thought is to eat what ever you want so you don’t lose weight. I look at it a little different. As many of us are on pain medication often in the beginning of treatment , and deal with constipation A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps the overall situation. The chemo presents it own as to the constipation issue. I wasn’t eating at the onset of treatment and when I got my appetite back, a month into treatment I started eating anything and everything. I went from feeling fairly good to feeling like I was eating all the time and packed. I slowed up eating and started eating the ol diet rich in fruits and vegetables and felt better in all areas.

Good luck with the chemo and good luck in your fight.


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